Slate Quarries (Photo: Andrew Croughton)  

Dali's Hole (Andrew Croughton)
Dali's Hole (Andrew Croughton)
Sunday Walk (James Hoyle)
Sunday Walk (James Hoyle)
Tryfan (James Hoyle)
Sunday Chat (James Hoyle)
Slate Quarries (Andrew Croughton)
Slate Quarries (Andrew Croughton)
Slate Quarries (Andrew Croughton)
Slate Quarries (Andrew Croughton)
Snowdon (Andrew Croughton)
Snowdon Sunrise (Andrew Croughton)
Snowdon Sunset (Andrew Croughton)

Christmas Bash, Ty Powdwr

Present: Well fed members/guests, a few pounds of carrots, lots of sunshine, except for some shady climbs.


A wonderful sunny Saturday morning lured us onto the wintry hills. Kate and Dave ran over the Glyders, although some enjoyed (endured) a chilly days climbing out of the sun (Kevin & Liam, Al, Andy & Chris). There was some concern as Trish and I (the organisers) set out with a map and compass, heading towards Snowdon. Would we be back in time to prepare the meal? Or with my navigational skills would we get back before Christmas?! We had left Ken to chop about 15 pounds of vegetables, which seemed to keep him busy for the next 2½ hrs.

To the relief of the KMC, Trish & I returned at 5.00pm after a great day on the hill. Whilst dinner was prepared the assembled group were entertained by Duncan's cryptic quiz and alcoholic mince pies and Kirsten's mulled wine. Kirsten was still thawing out after an ice cold shower, since the hut hot water was not working again. Dinner was served at 8.00pm, afterwards clear skies permitted a spot of star gazing tuition with Dave W.

Sunday was just as sunny and frosty. There was a team walk up Elider Fawr & Y Garn, whilst Duncan Vicky, Al & Dave K went looking for ice on the Black Ladders.

Dave W made the most of a few days holiday and enjoyed 2 fine days walking on Monday & Tuesday the following week:

Monday: The Snowdon Horseshoe including several Brocken Spectres and force 7 winds on the top of Snowdon. Dave encountered a group carrying a very large paddle to the summit (so this is what folks get up to when we are all at work).

Tuesday: An icy interesting scramble on North Ridge of Tryfan, Bristly Ridge, the Glyders and down via the Devil's Kitchen.

Thanks to all for coming to the Christmas Bash and making it a fun weekend. Thanks to all the superb chefs for your excellent cooking, especially Ken for his chopping and to Dave W for resurrecting the hot water and saving most of us from very icy showers. Great weather, activities, company, food and wine. We even managed to raise £55 for the hut relief fund.

Ann Waters
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