Claire Hawkins seconding Wall Corner (Photo: David Rainsbury)  

Duncan leading Ringo.  Belayer Mimi (Cathy Gordon)
Roger seconding Colin on Bilberry crack (Cathy Gordon)
David melting like a chocolate bar (Cathy Gordon)
Cathy seconding Ash Tree Wall led by Dave Wylie (David Rainsbury)
Claire Hawkins seconding Wall Corner (David Rainsbury)
Mimi seconding Holly Ash Crack led by Colin (David Rainsbury)
Roger seconding Colin on Bilberry crack (David Rainsbury)

Burbage North climbing

Attendee members: Cathy Gordon, David Rains

Cathy Gordon

Burbage North climbing

Attendee members: Cathy Gordon, David Rainsbury, Dave Wylie, Roger Dyke, Colin Madison, Duncan Zafira, Ed Courtnell

Prospective members: Mimi McNaull, Isaac Campbell, Claire Hawkins, Yvonne King, Lewis Stonehouse, Stefano Dalcanele,

My day started with a glorious walk through the bluebell woods to Burbage North from Hathersage to arrive at the Ash Tree area where early bird David was leading Ash Tree Wall (S 4a) followed by Wall Corner (HVD 4a).  Dave followed suit also leading Wall Corner, Twin Cracks (VD) and Ash Tree Wall, Colin led Bilberry Crack, Ed led Ash Tree Crack (VD) and Wall Chimney (S 4a), Isaac led Bilberry Crack and Wall Corner and Duncan led Ash Tree Crack. I started off the season with Bilberry Arete (M).  These routes were seconded by myself, Claire, Mimi, Roger, Yvonne, Lewis and Stefano using various degrees of elegant techniques.  I like to think I started a foot on shoulder trend to overcome the polish at the bottom of Wall Corner, although appeared to be the only one who needed such assistance.  Roger seconded Bilberry Crack with fine technique as did all the other seconders.

We moved onto the sentinel area where Dave led Sentinel Crack (D) seconded by Claire, Duncan led Ringo (S 4a), Ed led Ring Chimney (D) and Ring Climb (S 4a).  Colin ventured into the Knight’s Move area leading Holly Ash Crack (VS 4b) seconded by myself, Mimi, and David.

We had hot but otherwise perfect sunny weather finishing off with a pint and pie.  Thank you for all those who came out.

Cathy Gordon
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