The whole group on the Monte Paterno summit (Photo: Harry Potts)  

Harry Potts on the approach to Lago Di Sorapiss (Harry Potts)
Lago Di Sorapiss (Harry Potts)
Mark Hughes on the ascent of De Luca Innerkofler (Harry Potts)
On the approach to De Luca Innerkofler (Harry Potts)
Entering the De Luca Innerkofler tunnels (Harry Potts)
In the De Luca Innerkofler tunnels (Harry Potts)
On the ascent to Monte Paterno / De Luca Innerkofler (Harry Potts)
Mark and Sally nearing the summit of Monte Paterno (Harry Potts)
Harry Potts on the Monte Paterno summit (Harry Potts)
The whole group on the Monte Paterno summit (Harry Potts)
James Pike near the end of De Luca Innerkofler (Harry Potts)
James Pike via ferrata (Harry Potts)
Harry Potts on the Col de Bos via ferrata (Harry Potts)
James Pike Col dei Bos (Harry Potts)
A view of Tofana di Rozes from Col dei Bos (Harry Potts)
Lago Braies with James Pikes, Mark Hughes and Sally Cresswell Cast (Harry Potts)
Mark Hughes and Sally Cresswell Cast on the very wet first pitch of Brigata Tridentina (Harry Potts)
Mark Hughes on Brigata Tridentina (Harry Potts)
James Pike and Sally Cresswell Cast Brigata Tridentina (Harry Potts)
Mark Hughes and Sally Cresswell Cast approaching the Brigata Tridentina rope bridge (Harry Potts)
James Pike on the Brigata Tridentina rope bridge (Harry Potts)


Day 1 - Sunday 17th Sept 

All four of us, myself Harry Potts, prospective members Mark Hughes and James Pike, and Sally Cresswell Cast set off driving to the Rifugio Auronzo to attempt the De Luca Innerkofler via ferrata (VF2B), however the queue to enter the national park was over an hour, meaning we'd be short on time. As an alternative we hiked to the Lago Di Sorapiss, a pleasant circular with great views.


Day 2 - Monday 18th Sept

An early start meant an easy journey to the Rifugio Auronzo, where we started our way up to the De Luca Innerkofler via ferrata. After the walk-in, it began with 300m in tunnels, which was a new mountain experience for most of us, demonstrated by the many bumps to the head. Easy scrambling lead to the optional summit of Monte Paterno, that we took, followed by a tricky scree gully descent, before finishing on an unprotected but fairly wide path traverse. The outing ended with giant pieces of well earned cake back at the Rifugio Auronzo.


Day 3 - Tuesday 19th Sept

The whole team took a rest day walking around Lago Braies. We took a brief dip in the icy cold lake and even rented a row boat for a leisurely afternoon. 


Day 4 - Wednesday 20th Sept

Myself and James Pike took on the Col dei Bos via ferrata (VF3B), which was shortish but with slightly more committing climbing in sections. Topping out in a couple of hours. James ran into the local wild life, making a marmoset scream on the way down. 

Mark and Sally went on a hike to Forcella Ambrizzola, enjoying a few rifugio breaks on the way!


Day 5 - Thursday 21st Sept

The whole group tried the Brigata Tridentina via ferrata (VF3B). Landslides in the car park caused a slightly longer walk-in, but we still got to the damp beginning in good time. The first smaller wired section was straightforward, but was a first wet climb for some.

The main wired section was great fun all the way. With a few ever so slightly overhung moves, a full fixed ladder and a bridge towards the end, it certainly had a mix. We all made it to the end, where we enjoyed a hot lunch at the Rifugio, before descending the wired steep scree gully (not much fun at all!).


Day 6 - Friday 22nd Sept

Fully rained in, we only left the campsite by the afternoon to take a gamble on seeing the view of the Seceda. We lost the bet and had a cloudy visit. However we did sustain our worst injury/fall of the trip at the top of the cable cars, as Mark flew at lightspeed 2m off the end of a wet children's slide into the mud/gravel. Thankfully some ripped and muddy waterproofs and a bruised ego was the extent of it though.


We stayed the first 4 nights at Camping Alla Baita, cheaper but with slightly simpler facilities, albeit sufficient, with a Spar and restaurants within short walking distance. Showers were warm when no one else was in there. 

Then the final 3 nights in Camping Colfosco, with more comfortable facilities but a slightly longer walk to the shops/restaurants. Warm showers at all times though!  

Harry Potts
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