Ian loves a dirty gutter (Photo: Andy Stratford)  

Evening bonfire (Andy Stratford)
Steve Lopacki and the new porch window (Andy Stratford)
Jo in Chef mode (Andy Stratford)
Ian loves a dirty gutter (Andy Stratford)
The steps team (Andy Stratford)
Strimming as ever (Andy Stratford)
Stuart the mower man (Andy Stratford)
Izy gets stuck into the ovens (Andy Stratford)

Working Meet & Bonfire - Ty Powdwr



Andy Stratford 

Jo Stratford

Ian Crook

John Castick

Steve Lopacki


Greg Nunn


Jo Macey

Mich Harrison

Stuart Hurworth

Jared Kitchen

Emily Thompson

Lewis Stonehouse


Jess Bailey

Dave Wylie

Rory Marsden



The combination of working meet, bonfire and a birthday generated a great attendance for this meet.  Sadly a lot has happened in my head since the meet (including a bout of covid), so I'm struggling to remember who was present and who did what.  The above list of attendees is broadly accurate, although there were a few members whose names I sadly didn't catch, and I may have added a couple of people who weren't actually there!


I further excelled as 'joint meet leader' by accidentally giving Steve L a dairy intolerance as a result of a whatsapp mix up.


Lots of jobs were completed on Saturday including:

Porch window replacement - Steve L (with verbal assistance and advice from most passers-by)

Kitchen cleaning and food prep - Jo and Izy

Gutter cleaning - Greg and (a very wet and dirty) Ian

Mowing - Stuart

Strimming - John, Jared, Rory

An amazing start to the steps up to the knoll - Mich, Lewis and others

Door painting - Emily

Roof tile replacement - Ian and Greg (looking very nervous stood below)

Clearing and bulb planting - Jess

Power washing - Leah


In the afternoon Jared snuck off for a climb whilst others built the bonfire for the evening's entertainment.


Luckily my memory is bad, so I can't name and shame the people who were VERY DRUNK, but I'm certain there was some drinking involved!


Apologies to anyone I've branded 'dairy intolerant', miss-named, erroneously added or straight up forgotten!

Ian Crook
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