Nantile ridge (Photo: Tim Howarth)  

Nantile ridge (Tim Howarth)
More ridge walking (Tim Howarth)
Haggis time (Tim Howarth)

Burns Night at Ty Powdwr

Members: Tim Howarth, Laura Bond, Pete Hughes, Sue Hughes, Catherine Machalinski, Heather Driscoll, Emily Hulley, Ian Crook, Dave Wylie, David Rainsbury, Emily Thompson, Jared Kitchen, Stuart Hurworth, Mich Harrison, Phil Mitchell and John Castick.

Guests: Sam Crabb, Jenna Pengilley and Conrad Bower

Injury and illness blighted the planned turn out for the weekend but for those who made it to Ty Powdwr managed to catch a break in the weather(ish) and so groups went off climbing, walking, running and cycling. Some just played board games until they realised team Nantile Ridge were running (walking) late and put down their dice and picked up the peelers to start the food prep. For the first time the Haggis ratio was nearly 50/50 meat to veggie! (the meat was free range 😉)

After a traditional Burns night feast it was time to head to the lounge and see the all new KMC projector/screen and sound system to powerpoint and play videos of facts, information and general silliness. The dram’s were an international mix starting in Amsterdam to Glasgow, then Yorkshire to Sweden. Back to Scotland and the orkney isles down via Manchester to Ireland. Covering 5152 virtual miles.

Stopping only half time for traditional Cranachan for desert. Which was well needed after a 60.5% dram early on! Possibly the highest octane we have had at the hut (unless Mr Castick did some moonshine back in the 70’s?) 

End of the night the votes were in and the Irish won! Connemara 12 Year Old - 40% A peated and double distilled single malt non traditional whiskey from Ireland.

A big thanks to all as these events are only done because everyone chips in peeling, chopping, washing up and heckling “you Muppet”

Sunday a select few stayed on for games clean up and a sneaky distillery tour on monday morning. A dram for Next time………..? 

Sláinte from Tim Howarth, legless specialist.

Tim Howarth
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