Lunch (Photo: Virginia Castick)  

Over 50 people gather in Hayfield (Virginia Castick)
Heading for the shooting cabin (Virginia Castick)
Lunch (Virginia Castick)
One stile, 50 people (Virginia Castick)
Thanks. We'll have a lift (Virginia Castick)
'I've got the bottle' (Virginia Castick)

Ken Beetham Memorial Walk

Members, ex-Members,  friends, relatives and not a few ‘blasts from the past’

Louise and Brian Hall, Liz, Paul and Nea Williams, Midge & John Castick, Graham & Sue Harkness, Alan & Janis Barber, Chris Thickett, Peter Walker, Alan ‘L’ Jones, Peter Scholefield, Sheena Hendrie, Trish Cranston, Al Metelko, Dave Shotton, Norman Ingham, Bob Millward, Peter & Barbara Duffield, Dave Dillon, Mick Ryan, Alf Gleadall,  John Massey, Jim Symon, Philippa Maye, Margaret Baldock, Joe Dugdale, Brian Taylor & Ursula, Roger & Bridget Mapelson, Keith & Margaret Bolton, Peter Bolton, Lester Payne, Brian Taylor (KMC), Sue Lawty, John Rudge, Martin Daley, Bob Daley & Fred, Emily Pitts, Jasmine Pitts, Mark Ashley, Diane Richardson, Terry & Tina Brady, Liam & Sandra Brady, Peter Attwood, Kate Harvey

And yet more at the ‘George’ afterwards

John Warburton,  Rich Johnson and Family, Bob Haynes, Hamish Haynes, Jim & Sandy Gregson


Over 50 people gathered in the car park in Hayfield . There was a lot of ‘I haven’t seen you for years’,   ‘Goodness is that really him’ and ’You look just the same...well nearly’. ‘Ken’s daughters Louise and Liz handed out the drinks cards for later and we rounded up the masses, handed out maps and set off through Hayfield on our way to the white shooting cabin. We were soon in the mist but no one seemed to notice as we were all too busy catching up with old friends. At the cabin, where we should have had a good view of Kinder, we toasted Ken in traditional fashion with his favourite tipple, this time not served from a wee lemonade bottle secreted in Ken’s pocket but a generous slosh from a proper bottle and in a glass, kindly provided by Louise. Afterwards, a few rambled back to Hayfield via the reservoir and the rest of us set off northwards on a good path to the lunch spot at the bottom of Hollingworth Clough. The meet leader just gave time for the stragglers to shove down a buttie before we were off again. We crossed the main road at Hollingworth Head and turned south. The path had a few obstacles now. A muddy gateway, one stile, and 50 people caused a bit of a bottleneck as we headed towards Lantern Pike.  At this point the mist eased and we were able to enjoy some of the surrounding scenery. Almost everyone went up Lantern Pike and an easy descent brought us back to the car park for exactly 3pm.

At the ‘George’ the conversations continued apace as yet more catching up with old friends went on. Joan Beetham was delighted to be introduced to so many people that she had only read about in the newsletters over the years. Thank you to Richard Manning and the Beetham family for providing  us all with a drink. We broke off briefly to go round to the Kinder Mountain Rescue base sited conveniently behind the pub. There the Family was able to hand over a cheque to the Team for over £900 in memory of Ken. Back in the bar the nattering continued for a good while longer.

Joan Beetham has asked me to express her heartfelt  thanks to club members and friends who showed their love and respect for Ken by supporting the Mountain Rescue Team with generous donations and coming out and enjoying a jolly good day in the hills with old friends. Ken would have loved it.

Virginia Castick