Sun 1st Mar, 1998

Peak Walk


Members - Bob Anderson, Ken Beetham, John Dwyer, Sheena Hendrie, Alan (Hyde) Jones, Iain McCallum, Neville McMillan, Lester Payne, Alan Peck, Nigel Rosenbaum, Derek Seddon, Brian Taylor, Chris Thickett, Peter Walker, Keith Williams, Frank Williams, Margaret Williams, Dave Wylie (18).

Guests -Christine Jones, Dudley Moore, Sally Moore, Zoe Rosenbaum, Richard Walker and another - Paul or Frank?? (Sorry) (6)


The weather turned out to be better than the forecast indicated. Although snow fell overnight it soon melted in the bright sunshine turning the paths into mudslides in places. Grindleford provided plenty of free parking ( rather rare in the Peak these days) for everyone. From Grindleford our route took us past Padley Mill and Padley Hall and eventually to Leadmill bridge. After crossing the bridge we headed up the road towards Abney for about half a mile before bearing left downhill and across Highlow Brook to Hazelford. From here we continued up Bretton Clough for a short distance before stopping for coffee next to a spring, a warm spot bathed in sunshine. The paths in Bretton Clough proved to be very slippery in places and Ken's "smooth soled boots" lost traction on several occasions much to the chagrin of their owner Eventually we arrived at Stoke Ford. From here we ascended the path up to Gotheredge Barn where Bob. regaled us all with details of the murder which took place there many years ago. Continuing uphill along the path we arrived at the Barrel Inn (Built in 1637- a rendezvous for the local lead miners). Some of the party stopped for a drink at the Inn while others pressed on along the road towards Great Hucklow for about three quarters of a mile before turning right down into Bretton Clough where they stopped for lunch. After lunch our route took us past Abney Grange, (a very ancient hamlet - it belonged to St. Mary's Monastery, Rufford prior to 1537), then across Abney Moor, where we met Dudley and Sally plus dog who had missed the start of the walk, over Smelting Hill and down to Offerton Hall ( a Tudor house once owned by the Eyre family - the site "Uftune" is mentioned in the Domesday Book).

From here we continued downhill to the river where we turned right to follow the river back to Leadmill bridge. Shortly before reaching the bridge we stopped to refuel and regroup. After crossing the bridge we continued alongside the river for most of the way back to Grindleford passing Padley Hall again. (Two priests who were arrested here in 1588 were later executed at Derby). The walk ended with tea and cakes at the Café.

Thank you all for your supporting my meet.

Iain McCallum

Meet Promo:

A fine walk among the moors and dales on the east side of the Peak District. Good weather guaranteed! Distance about 14 miles. The walk can easily by shortened or even lengthened to meet your needs.

Route: Grindleford - Leadmill Bridge - Hog Hall - Bretton Clough - Gotheredge Barn - Bretton - Abney Grange - Abney Moor - Smelting Hill - Oferton - Hathersage - Grindleford.

Refreshments: Bretton (Barrel Inn), Hathersage, Grindleford (Station café).

Maps: OS Outdoor - Leisure Sheets 1 & 24 Dark Peak and White Peak.

Meet at 9.30 a.m. for a 9.45 a.m. start at Grindleford Station - outside the café. Park on the road leading to the station.

Iain McCallum

Please note:
Due to Covid restrictions many meets have been cancelled and remaining meets are members only. Please check back after the restrictions are lifted.

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