Sat 16th May - Sun 17th May, 1998

Working party Ty Powdwr

Bit of a tricky one this time. We're planning to replace the cold water tank. Why? well, put it this way: if you've been drinking the water at the hut from the taps that this tank feeds, then you certainly shouldn't be short of Iron! The old metal tank is rusting badly. If it were to spring a leak then nearly two tons of water could be deposited into the hallway, so it is time to do something about it. We're currently investigating how big a plastic tank we can get up into the loft, and hopefully we'll have bought a suitable replacement in time.

The problem is, of course, that if we're replacing the tank, then we'll have to turn off the hot water, and manage on one (directly fed) cold tap at best. This means that we really don't want too many people turning up at the hut on this weekend.

We WILL however need some help; as we also want to put in the lintel for the new door into the ladies loo. This needs to be done while the water's been drained, as the wall we need to knock through is supporting the (two tons of) water tank!

The skills we need are mainly plumbing and building related; but PLEASE contact me IN ADVANCE to offer your help, so that we can co-ordinate things.

Thanks in advance.

Dave Wylie

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