Sat 6th Jun - Sun 7th Jun, 1998

Ty Powdyr

Members present; R Clark, J 'Goose' Whitham, A Metleko A 'Liverpool' Jones.


The superb weather forecast obviously sent everyone rushing off to the seaside. Surprisingly it rained in Snowdonia. This did not deter the select KMC team from their endeavours; The usual wet weather shopping trip to Outside, and a brew in Eric's café at Tremadoc - there were some brave people climbing in the rain on 'One Step in the Clouds'. Then a retreat to The Beacon for a good pump. Meanwhile Al Metelko was walking across The Carnedds, the first stage of his weekend objective - all the 3000' peaks in Snowdonia. Alan Jones arrived Saturday evening and we all ended up in The Royal Vic, where Robert and the Goose demonstrated their pool room prowess to an admiring audience of residents and locals.

On Sunday, Al and Alan went for (separate) walks while Robert and the Goose went climbing at Tremadoc. It was raining when we got there (some people were still climbing in the rain on 'One Step .....') so the objectives were fairly modest; The Brothers (vs) and Meshach (hvs) were climbed, the weather improving to warm sunshine. The Brothers is actually quite hard for the grade, and Goose will confirm that the crack pitch at the start is certainly 'interesting'. As we had another brew before leaving, it had started to rain again, and yes, there were still people climbing in the rain on 'One Step ...

Al finished his short walk, and got back to the hut at around 11pm - he had a long lie that morning.

Thanks to all(?) who came.

Robert Clark

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