Sat 18th Jul - Sun 19th Jul, 1998

Climbing - Cader Idris

Present : Bob Anderson, Neville McMillan, Sheena Hendrie, Kathy Divine, Michelle Harvie, Mark GArrod, Duncan Lee, Sabina Cosulich, Iain McCallum, Derek Seddon.

Guests : Jeremey Engineer, James Nixon, Carina (All Kathy's friends) and Christine Beeston.

Total 14


Bob, Neville and Sheena arrived Friday lunchtime in hot sunshine, and after suitable refreshment walked up to Cader to inspect the Cyfrwy cliffs before ascending to the ridge and returning down to the valley via the pony track.

Kathy and friends arrived about 10:30 p.m. but as the early starters were trapped in the pub until after 11:00 p.m. meeting up did not take place until next morning.

The Caffreys ale must have been good as the meet leader was roused from his slumber at 9:15 a.m. by Iain McCallum's dulcet tones, shortly to be followed by the arrival of Derek, Mark, Michelle and Christine. Climbing was vetoed due to the cold wind and clag on the crag so Kathy and friends took to their bicycles whilst the rest of us enjoyed a fine walk along Cader from its extreme western end. Surprise, surprise, the descent path ended at the pub.

Sunday dawned wet. In fact it had rained most of the night. However, things were looking brighter by 9:00 a.m. and plans were laid. Kathy and friends decided to traverse Cader (on foot) from North (Cader Gates) to South (campsite). Bob, Mark, Michelle and Christine had a very pleasant walk on hills to the east of Cross Foxes (Cae Afon I think) without seeing a single person all day. Iain, Derek, Neville and Sheena took the early bath, but Duncan and Sabina set off in a shower to climb a 600ft VD on Cyfrwy (Alpine Training). On arrival at their route they found it already occupied by a party of three, so they switched to Bowden's classic VS - Obsession - a sterling effort to climb it on wet rock, well done Duncan and Sabina.

As summer weather goes it wasn't brilliant, but these days on the hill in July 1998 without getting wet definitely a bonus.

Thanks for coming, I had a great weekend.

Bob Anderson

Meet Promo:

This will be a camping meet based at Mrs Thomas's site immediately adjacent to the car park at GR 698 152. From the centre of Dolgellau head west on a minor road for 200 yards then branch left onto another minor road (signed Cader Idris on wall) Pass the Gwernan Lake Hotel (bar and bar meals) to car park ½ mile further on. Camp in field immediately behind the car park (signed Thomas Camping).

Loads of slab routes on Cyfrwy up to VS with good harder routes (HVS upwards) on Pencoed Pillar on south side of mountain (Craig Cau).

My intention is to make the meet a sort of memorial to Bowden Black who put up two excellent routes on Cyfrwy in 1951.

Bob Anderson

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