Sat 22nd Aug - Sun 23rd Aug, 1998

Yorkshire Limestone - Walking, Camping, Climbing

Members: Ruth Ashton, Sheena Hendrie, Alan (Liverpool) Jones, Rick Kruze, Iain & Pam McCallum, Neville McMillan, Peter Walker, Frank & Margaret Williams

Guest: Richard Walker (10 members and 1 guest)


Most of the KMC apparently took note of the weather forecasts and stayed away. But, Saturday remained dry, and the weather improved as the day went on. There was plenty of sun-kissed limestone, and it was warm (in the sunshine and out of the wind!). Of the six members present on Saturday morning, four went climbing and two went walking.

Frank and Margaret were the first away (as might be expected) to Dentdale, to walk the northern slopes of Whernside, an area of pot holes and springs, thence to inspect the architectural qualities of the Bleamoor Tunnel portals and the Artengill Viaduct, which carry the Settle to Carlisle railway line. During the return along Dentdale, Frank admits to having had "a fondle of the goats", and drinking the goats milk. (I wonder if he could get locked up for that?)

The meet leader failed to persuade Rick and Ruth to go to Attermire Scar; apparently the memories are still too painful. So they made their first visit to Pot Scar, knocking off all the starred VS's and HVS's, and declaring it "a good place". An excellent day's climbing.

Neville stuck to his intention of climbing at Attermire, much to Sheena's dismay. But he nearly got more than he bargained for with Moonshine, a Hard Severe which seemed a good 4c. The blustery wind made conditions less than ideal, so the number of routes ticked was not high.

During the day, Alan Liverpool had walked the ridge of Gragareth, and Iain and Pam, still recovering from injury, had done the Waterfalls walk from Ingleton.

All then assembled on the campsite for the crack. This soon developed into one of those deep philosophical discussions for which the KMC is well known (notorious). Under prolonged and piercing interrogation from the KMC's keenest legal brain, the Secretary was forced to admit that she did not follow in the true traditions of Scottish mountaineering, because she likes to be warm on the hill. Her precise words were, "I am a wimp! I don't like being cold." Such a terrible admission for a Scot, must permanently debar her from membership of the SMC, and cause traditionalists in the KMC to wonder what the Club is coming to. At the same time, it should also be pointed out that the KMC President had eschewed the "joys" of camping, and opted for B&B accommodation on the same site. Has the Club gone soft?

When Sunday dawned wet and watery, camping did seem less than idyllic. After several changes of plan, the majority opted for a shortish (?) walk to inspect the crag at Crummackdale, followed by a search in the mist for the trig point on Moughton Fell, and a more direct return to Austwick in continuous rain. Meanwhile, Rick and Ruth tried to avoid the rain by descending Gaping Gill. But, as they were being winched out, they got a good dowsing from the by-then significant drainage water pouring in!

Over all, top marks for dedication must go to Peter and Richard Walker, who got up before 6 am on Sunday to drive in pouring rain to the campsite, joined the walk over Moughton Fell, got soaked through, changed and dried off at the campsite, then missed the afternoon tea party in Settle, and drove back to Manchester in torrential rain. This makes those who stayed at home definitely wimps!

Over the weekend, walking, camping, climbing, and pot-holing all took place, not necessarily in a well co-ordinated manner. But all tastes were catered for, as promised. My thanks to all who supported the meet.

Neville McMillan

Meet Promo:

Note change of venue

This is a meet to suit everyone. Camping at GR763676 halfway between Settle and

Ingleton, on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales. For those with the old OS map, it's not a hospital any longer; it's a campsite (bunkhouse accommodation also available) and outdoor centre, and there is a bar on the site. The campsite provides easy access along the A65 to Ingleborough, the three peaks and many other excellent walking options. For climbers, it is central to Twistleton, Crummackdale, Oxenber, Pot Scar and Attermire Scar. Perverts may prefer Malham or Gordale Scar, but I won't be with them. And anyone wishing to shade their sensitive skin from the intense UV radiation coming through the hole in the ozone layer can disappear down a cave. So all tastes can be catered for.

If enough people commit themselves in advance, we can book what used to be the hospital lawn (big lawn) for exclusive KMC use. (Do any members have a croquet set?) The Dalesbridge Centre also mentioned the possibility of providing a group barbecue, if we cross their palms with silver.

Please let me know if you are intending to come, whether you would like a barbecue, etc., so that I can make a group booking.

Neville McMillan

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