Sun 4th Oct, 1998

Laddow Rocks

By popular request a list of those present at the crag were:

Dave Dillon, Joe Flynn, Sabrina Cosulich, Sue Brooke, Lester Payne, Tony Gask, Duncan Lee, Dave Wylie, Dave Whittingham, Al Metalko, Bob Anderson, Chris Williamson, Phil Ramsbottom, Jim Symon, Roger Dyke, Roger and Bridget Mapleson, Mark Garrod, Michelle Harvie, Dave Bone, Cath Devine, Andy Croughton, Craig Marsden and Ken Beetham. Also deserving of a mention for child porterage to camps 2 and 3 were Vin and Joanne Goodwin plus Colin and Norah Madison suitably loaded for the south summit. Regretfully not to be. (28 members) and a Guest list of Heather Brook, Adam Bradley, Daniel Thomas-Whittingham, Elaine Beaulieu, Mark Oliver and Christine Beeston. (6) There may have been others, if so apologies.


Once again the weather kicks us in the appropriates. The crag was a little juicy but the company was good. Phil and Bob left early to salvage a walk and as they disappeared towards Black Hill the rains blessed their hallowed turf. Tower Face and Long Climb were ascended by some but the meet was saved by the celebratory chamfers and birthday cake for Andy who brought along his best hat for the occasion. (He goes back inside next week) 22 tea bags were accounted for, about 10 litres of tea drunk requiring some 1½ litres of UHT milk, supported by 1 pint of primus parafino. These vital statistics are recorded in case I don't make it next year for the obvious reasons. It really was good of all those who made the effort and lastly thanks to Dave Bone for returning my water tank after it had careered happily down to Crowden Brook. Finally a quote from Gask or was it Roger? "It really gives one confidence when all you can see of your leader is a pair of feet thrashing about horizontally above" I didn't think Fred Clapp was still climbing.

P. S. Phil Ramsbottom has kindly agreed to lead the outer circuit on the Kettleshulme Meet in December, 9-30 start pronto. i.e. booted and ready.

Ken Beetham

Meet Promo:

This is a traditional crag right from the earliest gritstone days. In fact, most northern pioneers have succumbed to its embraces. The KMC always seem to have enjoyed going and I hope to see many of you there where tea will be available from in my case around 11 am. onwards. CRAG Map Ref. is Dark Peak 057015,

A volunteer would be assured of a days friendship if he or she would help carry up the water, as nowadays it seems to weigh a bit heavier. As my memory is a little unreliable these days will someone check at the car park that I have got the stove and its other bits as one year it was left in the boot.

For the uninitiated there are climbs of all grades up to hard VS, but also there are quite a lot of superb V.Diffs. and Severes. Take the Woodhead Road as far as the Crowden YH. Car Park M.R.073 994 Crag is in Left Hand corner towards Holme Moss. Another approach is from the Chew Valley car park M.R.013035 and up the road. Either way you have about ¾ of an hours pleasant up, with virtually a guarantee of no queues.

Ken Beetham

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Due to Covid restrictions many meets have been cancelled and remaining meets are members only. Please check back after the restrictions are lifted.

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