Sun 4th Jan, 1998

Peak Walk

Lorna Marsland

MEMBERS PRESENT: Jim and Sandy Gregson, Dave Dillon, Linda Crossley, Derek Seddon, Zoe and Nigel Rosenbaum, Iain McCallum.


ROUTE: Mam Nick, Mam Tor, Back Tor, Lose Hill, Hostelry - home-made stilton soup, steaming hot with fresh crusty bread mmm, Win Hill, Hope, Castleton via the river, Wynnat's Pass, Mam Nick.


As you can see it was a circular route with lousy weather throughout, which is why the hot soup was most welcome. Nothing very unusual happened on the walk - the Gregsons left us before Win Hill as Jim was worried about altitude sickness and we lost Iain on the summit when he trotted off after a rival party in search of the Yorkshire Bridge. Some people seem to regard these meets as little more than a pub crawl! Oh, and Linda Crossley insisted I do an emergency stop on the A6, when she spotted a body in the gutter! So all in all it was just another uneventful meet. Thanks to all who turned out in the expectation of being thoroughly soaked, and it was particularly nice to see Nigel and Zoe after such a long time.

Lorna Marsland

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