Sun 24th Jan, 1999

Derwent Valley And Howden Edge Walk

Members: Margaret Baldock, Ken Beetham, Sue Brooke, Andrew Croughton, Linda Crossley, David Dillon, John Dwyer, Jim Gregson, Michelle Harvie, Lorna Marsland, Iain McCallum, Lester Payne, Chris Thickett, Peter Walker Frank Williams, Margaret Williams.

Guests: Heather Brooke, Dave?


The bus took us along the western side of Derwent and Howden reservoirs. A brisk pace was then set, walking up to and along Howden Edge.

Lester begged (on behalf of the troops) for elevenses at 12, and Iain set me the challenge of beating his record of "losing" 3 people from the meet.

We slithered down Gravy Clough, jumped the stream, then up to lunch at Back Tor. In the afternoon, we strolled along Derwent Edge then back to the car park via a teashop.

Iain gloated that I'd only "lost" one member (Ken who "walks slowly" and set off 30 minutes ahead of the rest so we could "catch up later" and beat us back by an hour!)

PS The record for "lost" walkers now stands at 4, Iain - Sue, Heather and Dave missed the bus but caught the next one and followed in our footsteps!

Linda Crossley

Meet Promo:

Meet at the (free) car park at the National Park info centre between Derwent and Ladybower reservoirs (OS Outdoor Leisure 1, Dark Peak GR173 893) at 9.45am for the 10.00am bus (55p adults, 35p OAP's). There's only 1 bus per hour, so for late arrivals or if the weather is horrendous, then a walk up the east side of Derwent reservoir and turn east up Abbey brook valley to Sheepfold Clough is a shorter version of the walk.

The walk proper begins at the road head at the side of Howden reservoir (168 939). North through woods, over Slippery Stones, a re-erected 17th century Packhorse Bridge, and east up Cut Gate Path. Now continue south along Howden Edge, past High Stones to a broken wall leading to the top of Gravy Clough. Slither down to Abbey Brook; wade across this, scramble steeply up to pick up the path up Sheepfold Clough. Look for a Lost Lad, boulder on Back Tor then it's plain sailing along the crazy paving footpath. Pass by Cakes of Bread, a Salt Cellar and Wheel Stones to wend back through meadows and along the road back to the car park.

See me in the pub on Thursdays if you've any queries, for lifts etc.

Linda Crossley

Please note:
Due to Covid restrictions many meets have been cancelled and remaining meets are members only. Please check back after the restrictions are lifted.

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