Sat 30th Jan - Sun 31st Jan, 1999

Working Party Meet

Present: Bob. Anderson, Iain and Pam McCallum, Lester Payne, Chris. Thickett, Frank and Margaret Williams.

The following tasks were carried out:

  1. Ladies toilet: Wall replastered by Bob. Air bricks inserted in wall and floor retiled by Iain. Modesty screen sanded and varnished by Iain and Pam.

  2. Gents toilet: Slate wall fitted with battens ready for lining with plasterboard by Frank and Bob.

  3. Hall: Old ceiling removed and replaced by Chris. Iain and Lester.

  4. Other tasks: Cleaning cooker, pan shelves, fridge, members' old dorm, stairs, lounge and shower in the ladies toilet, by Margaret and Pam assisted by Lester.

  5. Catering: Lunch was organised by Pam.

Five hundred square feet of plasterboard and timber were delivered on Friday afternoon - in the rain of course. The delivery arrived late due to the driver trying to deliver his load to a property below the Dinorwig turn round. After the delivery, we started work in the hall removing the ceiling and in the ladies toilet inserting air bricks and retiling the floor. Most of the work was completed by Saturday evening with the last few jobs being finished off on Sunday morning.

At 11pm on Friday evening we were joined by Richard Bloxham and his "Offmeet inspection team". A surprise visit I The following day his guests who were clearly unaware of the working party did not seem very happy to find themselves in a Hut with lots of debris, dust and dirt and with use of some of the essential facilities restricted. (Please note that it is a rule of the Club that members should not stay at the Hut on weekends set aside for a Working Party Meets unless they are prepared to work for one day. Afterall there are only three or four such meets per year)

A very successful working party. Thanks to everyone for support and all your hard work.

Iain McCallum

Meet Promo:

Dave will supply details nearer the time. So keep you shovels clean until then.

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Due to Covid restrictions many meets have been cancelled and remaining meets are members only. Please check back after the restrictions are lifted.

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