Sat 20th Feb - Sun 21st Feb, 1999

Ty Powdyr

Birthday bash

Members present: Michelle Harvey, Mary Stuart, Al Metelko, Andrew Croughton, Alan Wylie, Dave Wylie, Sabina Cosulich, Sue Brooke, Roger Mapleson, Bridgit Mapleson, Chris Williamson, Dave Bone, Mark Garrod and Dave Dillon.

Guests present: Dave Walker, Katherine Brooke, Heather Brooke, Chris Ivory, Neil Perry and Matt Moorhouse.


Saturday's mediocre weather failed to deter folks from venturing out onto the crags and hills. R'n'B and Al climbed at Tremadoc ,ascending One step in the Clouds, Oberon ,Shadrach and Grim Wall . Chris ,Sabina and I spent a couple of hours at Pen Trwyn before frozen fingers stopped play.Sue and the Clan and the Wylies went for separate walks based around the hut.

Saturday evening heralded the arrival of more revellers to partake in the consumtion of large quantities of birthday cakes washed down with a suitably large quantity of alcohol.Wavey, Sue and Kat were all given the correct number of bumps.Hard work!

Sundays weather was truly awful so short walks,climbing walls and the Wavey/Croughton film studio provided the entertainment. Coming soon at a cinema near you: Al scaling the chain in the guarries in full icegear. The mind boggles.

Thanks to everyone who turned up to help celebrate the various birthdays and to help soak up the rain.

Duncan Lee

Meet Promo:

The usual weather dependent free for all in the hills during the days but Saturday evening will be a social affair with music (all helpers welcome), lots of alcohol and hopefully vast quantities of assorted birthday cakes.

In the meantime a little quiz to ponder over on a long cold winters eve. It's simple: just match the birthday boys and girls to the correct ages.

  1. Sue Brooke (a) 18
  2. Cathy Devine (b) 42
  3. Dave Dillon (c) 40
  4. Katherine Brooke (d) 38
  5. A.N.Other (e) 39

Turn up and ask the birthday crew to see if you are correct. Anyone needing help with transport or offering time DJing can contact me on (01663) 734182 or can normally find me propping up the bar on a Thursday evening.

Duncan Lee

Please note:
Due to Covid restrictions many meets have been cancelled and remaining meets are members only. Please check back after the restrictions are lifted.

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