Sun 14th Mar, 1999

Peak Walk - Lathkill Dale

Members present: Bob Anderson, Margaret Baldock, Alan Barber, Ken Beetham, Sue Brooke, Virginia Castick, John Dwyer, Jim Gregson, Sandy Gregson, Alan (Hyde) Jones, Iain McCallum, Lester Payne, Alan Peck, Derek Seddon, Dave Summerfield, Chris. Thickett, Keith Williams, Frank Williams, Margaret Williams, Dave Wylie (20).

Guests present: Heather Brooke, David Green, Joan Green, Catherine Firth, Mike Graves, Christine Jones, Neil Perry (7).


Sunday morning dawned bright and sunny contrary to the rather gloomy weather forecast. Derek and I arrived early at Monyash and found many members already waiting to start. Ken Beetham made an early start and was never seen again! The rest of us followed him down Lathkill Dale at 9.45am. Soon we passed the cave from whence the river Lathkill debauches into the dale. After a short halt at the old Mandale lead mine to allow everyone to catch up we carried on down the dale before stopping for elevenses near the river just below Over Haddon. After crossing the river at Conksbury Bridge we followed the track across the fields at the bottom of the dale to Alport with its 17th. and 18th. century cottages before striking up the road to Stanton, an estate village, and then onto Stanton Moor.

Here, we were met by a lady, a local resident, who was trying to prevent two dormant quarries from being re-opened on the hillside below the moor. If the Peak Park Authority grants permission, these quarries would cover some 30 acres and they would operate for the next 40 years! Stanton Moor, famous for its Bronze Age remains would be threatened and the whole area would be affected adversely by noise, dust and heavy traffic. She asked us to write expressing our concern about these developments to John Prescott and the Peak Park Authority.

After passing the "Nine Ladies Stone Circle" we stopped for lunch in a sheltered sunny spot in the middle of the moor. The views of the surrounding hills and valleys were superb. From here we headed for Birchover and the Druid Inn. Here the party broke into two groups, with one group going on ahead while members of the other group stopped for a welcome drink at the Inn. On leaving the Inn we headed for Bradford Dale via Cratcliffe, Robin Hood's Stride and the Castle Ring at Harthill Farm. By the time we reached our next stopping point, the footbridge in Bradford Dale, Frank and Margaret Williams were missing. From the bridge we made our way up to Long Rake above Youlgreave and then across the muddy fields down into Cales Dale, passing through the farm at One Ash Grange and so back our starting point at the head of Lathkill Dale where we were reunited with the rest of the party.

Thanks to everyone for your support. Sorry about the heavy going over last two miles. (Distance - about 16 miles)

Iain McCallum

Meet Promo:

A fine walk over fairly easy ground through the dales of the White Peak incorporating a section of the Limestone Way. Distance about 14 miles. If necessary the walk can easily be shortened three or four miles.

Route: Monyash/ Lathkill Dale - Conksbury Bridge - Mport - Stanton Moor - Birchover - Long Rake - Calling Low - Cales Dale - One Ash Grange Farm - Monyash.

Map: OS Outdoor - Leisure Sheet 24 - White Peak.

Meet at 9.30am for a 9.45am start at OR. 157665 - Where Lathkill Dale meets B5055 Monyash - Bakewell road - Park at the side of the road.

Iain McCallum

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