Sat 26th Jun - Sun 27th Jun, 1999

Northumberland Coast Camping

The KMC - at sea.

Present: Michelle Harvie, Mark Garrod, Tony Gask, Brian Taylor, Andy Croughton, Chris Williamson, Cathy Devine, Jeremy Engineer, Sabina Cosulich, Neil Perry, Sue Brooke, John Dobson. Guests: Heather Brooke, Danny Thomas - Whittington


We arrived at a well ventilated campsite at Beadnell Bay on Friday night where we obediently pitched our tents 6 metres apart (reg 1001; The 6 metre rule) and accepted Tony's generous offer to partake of his fairies " anybody fancy a fairy?". Andy, Neil Sue, John, Heather and Danny did the only climbing of the weekend;" Fence Direct". This was to get into the campsite as they had arrived after the 11.00pm curfew. Sue John, Heather and Danny obviously thought they were at Glastonbury and pitched their tents far too close together, and had to move them on Saturday morning.

On Saturday the prevailing south easterly meant we couldn't paddle out to the Farne Islands, but stood a good chance of reaching Norway. Instead Mark, Cathy, Jeremy, Sabina, Neil, Chris, Andy and myself battled our way around the coast and canoed to Scotland. Low flying shags, puffins and gannets, and surfing seals watched 8 pieces of plastic bob about in the 7 foot swell. Andy did his Jacques Cousteau impressions by trying to photograph the seabed, while I think Chris decided that he preferred the other "Dream of the White Horses". Jeremy powered around the final headland with the instructors to pick up the minibus while the rest of us abandoned ship at Burnmouth where interestingly a certain Ravey Davey was hosting a rave the following Saturday.

We celebrated Johns birthday on Saturday night although there were concerns that the 21 candles were too near the ground and were contravening reg 1002; "barbecues must be at least 1 foot off the ground". Fortunately the prevailing winds managed to put them out. On Sunday Sue, John, Heather, Danny, Tony and Brian set off in the canoes while the rest of us braved the rain to visit Lindisfarne and tea shop direct. Unfortunately Heather and Danny got sea sick in the swell and ended up body surfing while the rest headed down the coast before canoe surfing and leaping off the end of the harbour into the sea. Thanks to everyone for a swell weekend.

Michelle Harvie

Meet Promo:

I apologise that my ineptitude with E-mail prevented this reaching the April newsletter (what's wrong with a baked bean can and a piece of string?).

I plan to camp near the coast (I can give you details nearer the time) within striking distance of the Northumberland sandstone crags, Bowden doors and Cyloe. These allegedly have all grades of climbs from diff to the ridiculous (a.k.a the ridiculous to E6). I have also organised canoing trips to the Farne islands on both Saturday and Sunday, there are currently only 3 spaces left on the Sunday. For those who are not already booked, the days paddling costs £24 which covers an instructor, and hire of all equipment. The trip would be suitable for fit paddlers who can canoe in a straight line for several hours! For more details see me in the pub on Thursdays.

Michelle Harvie

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