Sat 24th Jul - Sun 25th Jul, 1999

Ty Powdyr

Members present: Bob Anderson*, Kevin Anderson, Margaret Baldock*, Ken Beetham, Sue Brooke*, John Castick, Virginia Castick, Linda Crossley, John Dobson*, Joe Flynn, Mark Garrod, Jim Gregson*, Sandy Gregson*, Michelle Harvie, Sheena Hendrie*, Iain McCallum*, Colin Maddison*, Al Metelko, Lester Payne*, Derek Seddon, Mary Stuart, Chris. Thickett*, Peter Walker, Keith Williams. (24)

Guests present: Elaine Beaulieu, Heather Brooke*, Fay Castick, Johanne Castick, Tony Field (FRCC)*, C. Ivory, Craig Lammas*, David Lygate*, Pam. McCallum, Dan. Rawlings*, K. Sparks, Roisin Maddison(aged 4). (12)

* - Walkers on Glyders Walk.


Saturday 24th. July

The official activity of the weekend was the traverse of the Glyders from Capel Curig to Ty Powdwr followed by a Hot Pot Supper in celebration of the meet leaders 65th. birthdays. Saturday dawned bright and sunny prompting Jim and Sandy Gregson to make an early start, Ken driving them round to Capel. After some vehicle shuttling, the rest of us followed arriving at Capel at about 10am. where we were joined by Derek, Joe and three guests, Craig, Dan and David. Fifteen minutes later we set off up the track out of Capel towards Ogwen before climbing onto the ridge and the summit of Cefn y Capel. To the West the ridge was covered in cloud but to the north, the Carnedds were almost clear, the cloud just brushing their summits. Following Colin we made our way up the lower slopes of Foel Goch where we halted for a break behind a convenient wall. The all enveloping clag caused us some minor problems but eventually everyone reached the top of Foel Goch.

At this point Colin left us. Moving more slowly we crossed a series of bogs before ascending the ridge leading to the top of Glyder Fach. Near the top the sun broke through and the cloud cleared. On reaching the top we stopped for lunch and a spot of sun bathing. The views were spectacular. Most of the tops were now clear though a belt of cloud continued to roll over the ridge to the east. The traverse of Glyder Fach and Glyder Fawr took some time as the party insisted on climbing all the rocky tops including "Castle of the Winds". On reaching Lyn y Cwn we stopped to regroup. Here, Colin rejoined us, after his quick foray up Tryfan but a head count revealed that Lester was missing! In the hot sun the ascent of Y Garn proved rather trying but eventually we all reached the top. The party soon reached the summit of Foel Goch. After dropping down the ridge the party split up, some making direct for Elidir Fawr while others including Bob, Derek, Iain, and Sheena, traversed Mynydd Perfedd and Carnedd y Filiast before tackling Elidir Fawr. Here we met a party of walkers and one of them asked us to keep a lookout for his glasses which he had left on a rock on our way down! Above the quarries we met John, Sue amd Heather. Bob took us down through the quarries and so back to Dinorwic. Iain then took the drivers back to Capel to collect their cars. Eighteen people aged between 15 and 75 started and completed the walk.

Later that evening twenty-eight people sat down to supper - melon, hotpot, apple strudel, cheese and biscuits accompanied by beer and wine. Several members and their guests joined us during the meal. Many thanks to Pam who cooked the food, to her many assistants, and to Derek for the melons and to Tony Field for the cheese and biscuits.


Other activities:

On Saturday Ken climbed Moel Siabod and Peter traversed Carnedd y Filiast, Mynydd Perfedd and Elidir Fawr. Others including the Casticks went climbing leaving Fay and Johanne to entertain Roisin.

On Sunday various groups climbed and walked in the Pass and on Anglesey. Sue and Heather Brooke climbed Lockwood's chimney. John Castick amused himself and others including Roisin by flying his kite and firing his water rockets!

Many thanks for your support. Perhaps we ought to repeat the event next year.

Iain McCallum

Meet Promo:

Saturday - Walk" The Glyders"

A classic ridge walk starting at Capel Curig and finishing at Ty Powdwr. Distance about 12 miles.

Route: Capel Curig - Cefn y Capel - Glyder Fach - Glyder Fawr - Y Garn - Foel Goch -Myndd Perfedd - Elidir Fawr - Ty Powdwr.

Meet at 9.45am. for a 10am. start in the car park at Capel Curig.(behind Joe Brown's Shop GR721 582 - near the junction of A5 and A4086). Some help with transport to and from Capel Curig will be needed.

Evening - Birthday celebration with beer and wine. A hotpot supper will be provided. An alternative meal for "Veggies" will be available. In view of the catering arrangements it would be helpful if you could let us know beforehand whether you intend coming on this meet and whether you will require a "Hotpot supper" or a "Veggie supper".

Sunday - Climbing and walking.

Best maps OS Outdoor Leisure 16 & 17.

August 1st Kinder Climbing and Walk-in(g) Vinny Goodwin

Meet at the Bowden Bridge car park (GR 049 869) near Heyfield at 9:30am for a guided walk to the Downfall ravine. Climbing for those making their own way will be in the Downfall area.

Iain McCallum

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Due to Covid restrictions many meets have been cancelled and remaining meets are members only. Please check back after the restrictions are lifted.

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