Sun 19th Sep, 1999


Present: Dave Bone, Sue Brooke, Heather Brooke, Lorna Marsland, Andrew Croughton, Margaret and Frank Williams, Lester Payne, Dave Dillon, Dave Whittingham, Linda Crossley, Phil Ramsbottom, Chris Thickett, Al Metelko, Alan Peck, Chris Williamson, Vinnie and Joanne Goodwin, Pete Walker, Mark Garrod, Michelle Harvie, Jim and Judith Symon, Colin Maddison, Virginia Castick a total of 25 and Roisin.

plus Guests: Matt Taylor, Rod Evans, Joanne Castick and Linda Ramsbottom.


This was the most wretched few hours I for one have spent up at the cave tea room. The wind blew into and across the wet crag and as a climbing occasion the day was a write off... except that one route was done, as it by tradition, Waterfall of that name by Chris and Al. Some ex Greenfield intendees fought the gale to half way then turned around and ran back. My heart went out to the sponsored walkers flogging up the valley track in aid of a Childrens Heart Foundation Charity, the lower ones had little knowledge of the wind strength up top. however, the chat was good and it was great to see that people actually believed that it would clear up. Once again thanks to all, and gratitude to the sherpas for their help. A merry Xmas to all and a happy millenium transfer all round

Ken Beetham

Meet Promo:

This is a traditional crag right from the earliest gritstone days. In fact, to visit it in the last death thros of the millenium seems apt. The KMC seem to enjoy going and I hope to see many at the cave tea rooms where drinks will be available from around 11am. onwards. The Primus like its owner probably can get there on one engine. The weather will be good.

CRAG Map Ref is Dark Peak 057015.

Volunteers to help carry up the water and bits would be appreciated.

For the uninitiated there are climbs of all grades up to hard VS, but also there were quite a lot of superb V. Diffs. and Severes which need a little gardening since walls and downhill crags became the vogue. So take the Woodhead Road as far as Crowden YH. Car Park M.R. 073 994. The crag is in Left-Hand corner towards Holme Moss. Another approach is from the Chew Valley car park M.R. 013035 and up the road. Either way you have about ¾ of an hours pleasant up, with virtually a guarantee of no queues. I hope to see some old mates during the day and hope any newcomers who don't know me will make themselves known.

Ken Beetham

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