Sat 23rd Oct - Sun 24th Oct, 1999

The Annual Dinner - Shap Wells Hotel

The annual dinner is being held at the Shap Wells hotel this year, on Saturday October 23rd. The hotel is, strangely enough, just off the A6 about 3-4 miles from Shap. We haven't used this hotel for a while for our dinner, but the Fell and Rock do use it regularly, and there is plenty of room both for our dinner / disco, and also in terms of rooms.

Dinner price has been fixed at ONLY FIFTEEN POUNDS, which is very close to the true per head cost, with the club funding guests.

The guest speaker is Andy McNae, a well-known BMC chappy, and the Right Hon. Dr. Mary Stuart will be replying on behalf of the KMC.

The menu choice is:


  • Fruit Platter
  • Crispy bacon salad
  • Carrot and coriander soup

Main Courses:

  • Beef bourguignon
  • Roast Monkfish and Parma ham
  • Stuffed aubergine (veg)


  • Bread & Butter pudding
  • Tricolore chocolate terrine
  • Fresh fruit salad,
  • Cheese and biscuits


When booking your place with me, please give me your choice of starter and main course. Dessert choice is made on the night.

Cash or cheques (IOU's not accepted) will secure your place - I'm not available (on hols Sept 30th - Oct 10th).

When I'm off, either Andrew Croughton, or Chris Williamson, will be delighted to accept your bookings, provided you give or send the money, and tell them your choice of starter and main course.



1. SHAP WELLS HOTEL (TEL 01931-716628, FAX 716377), SHAP, PENRITH, CUMBRIA, CA10 3QU.

All hotel rooms have en-suite facilities, television, baby listening, and tea & coffee facilities.

Single rooms are more expensive at £36 for B&B, so best to team up with your best buddy and pay £28 per person for double / twin. Children under 13 sharing with adults pay £7 - or get their folks to stump up.

When ordering, please mention you are with the KMC, otherwise you may get charged full rate. The rates given can be applied to nights either side of the weekend to extend it if you wish. Given the number of rooms available, I haven't block reserved any for the KMC.

Copies of hotel bumph from me on request, or from them, of course.



This is available in Shap village, 3-4 miles from the hotel. The Crown Inn does all 3, with B&B at £18.50 per person, bunkhouse at £5.50 (10 people), and camping at £3.50. Campers get hot showers, bunkhouse users get hot showers, need to take their own sleeping bag for beds, and no cooking facilities provided apart from a socket (take a kettle?). Both campers and bunkers can pre-order breakfast in the Inn if wanted.

If interested, contact Pam or Brian on 01931-716229, who are aware they are being "advertised".

Of course a gentle jog back to Shap at 3am is not everyone's idea of pleasure, so I have a contact number and names for the local taxi firm, who tell me they might be able to do late night / early morning trips from hotel to Shap using anything up to their 14 seater minibus. Prices will have to be sorted with them - suggest you leave it till you / we know how many people might be interested, and go for 1 big deal.

Taxi firm is in Crosby Ravensworth, tel 01931-716212, talk to Helen or Keith, who again know they may be getting strange phone calls.



The hotel dont mind dinner attendees camping in a field near the hotel, but stress there are no facilities at all, and that it is used for clay-pigeon shooting on Sunday morning - you have been warned. I'm not sure exactly where the field is, nor it's condition, but would ask that if you use this option, negotiate access to someone's room for ablutions, rather than use the croquet lawn. I'm told there is one loo and basin for general use somewhere in the hotel.

Hopefully that should meet most peoples' needs.


Mark Garrod

PS Any offers - prizes needed for the raffle at the dinner - to Peter Walker please.

Mark Garrod

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