Sun 23rd Jan, 2000


Members present : Sue Brooke, Sabina Cosulich, Dave Garland, Cathy Gordon, Mark Gledhill, Kevin Anderson, Joan Stewart, Chris Williamson, Colin Maddison, Neville McMillan, Christine Beeston, Dave Dillon, Andy Croughton, Jon "Goose" Whitham, Nigel Rosenbaum, Roger Mapleson, Bridgit Mapleson, Jim Symon, Judith Symon, Sheena Hendrie, Craig Marsden, Sue Marsden and Duncan Lee. (23)

Guests present : Mark "Jake" Wiltshire, John Evans , Roisin Maddison, Bill, Anne, Zoe and Hanna Rosenbaum, Thomas and Phoebe Marsden and Carys Mapleson.(10)


A fine dry day with the occasional burst of wintry sunshine tempted a host of people to venture out into the fresh air for a stroll down the dale at various times during the day. A few brave souls even touched the unseasonably warm (it's all relative) rock. The good weather spared everyone except Jake, Colin and Chris from having to sample the delights of swinging around on The Bat and an adjoining A1 clip up.

Tissington Spires more amenable classics were also given a few early season ascents. Wavey, Christine, Neville, Sheena, Chris ,Roger and Jake all snaked their way up the spectacular looking Campanile (S 4a, 4a *) whilst Jim and Bridget thugged up Keeper's Crack (HS). Goose set a good example to Dave and John by sneaking off rightwards to avoid the crux of The Ten Craters of Wisdom (VS 5a **); dampness was the excuse. Silicon (HS 4b **) and Manna Mania (VS 4c *) were also awoken from their winter slumber.

Those individuals not on the rock operated a fine mobile picnic, crèche and gossip shop which ebbed and flowed along the riverbank. As darkness fell most people rounded of a sociable day with a cuppa at the Whaley Café on the way home. Thanks to everyone who turned up for supporting the meet.

Duncan Lee

Meet Promo:

This idyllic valley provides a good winter venue if the weather plays ball with Tissington Spires in particular catching any available sunshine. Classic routes in the area include The Ten Craters of Wisdom (VS 5a**), Silicon (HS 4b**), Caesar (E4 6a**), George (E1 5b ***) and John Peel (HVS 5a***). In the unlikely event of rain the plan is aid climbing in the Doveholes with The Bat (A1) providing a good safe introduction. If anyone has any ets bring them along but I will have enough kit for two teams.

The area also provides excellent walking so any walkers attending can stop and laugh at the climbers in order to get a tick. Fingers crossed for good weather and hopefully I will see you at Milldale carpark at 11am. or earlier at the Whaley café; bring your own biscuits

Duncan Lee

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