Sat 27th Jan - Sun 28th Jan, 2001

Ty Powdyr Working Meet

Members present : Bob. Anderson, lain McCallum, Lester Payne,Jim Taylor, Gary Thornhill, Chris. Thickett, Alan Wylie, Dave Wylie,


A very successful working party. A good start was made on Friday when C.L. Jones (B) Ltd delivered the materials we had ordered, albeit a little later than planned, to lain and Lester at the Hut..

The following tasks were accomplished:

  • Dormitory - Elidir Fawr - Internal front wall - battens and insulation were installed and the wall partially clad (Bob and Chris). All the cladding was given one coat of varnish (Gary, lain and Lester). The plasterboard ceiling joints were taped (Alan). The electric cables were partly boxed (Dave).

  • Dormitory - Glyder Fawr - Plasterboard ceiling was installed and insulated with rockwool (Jim and Lester). The fluorescent tubes were removed and new wall lights were installed (Dave)

  • Cleaning - The toilets, washbasins and the areas around cookers and sinks were cleaned (Iain).

  • Track - All the pot holes from second gate down to the Hut car park were filled with gravel Gravel was also spread on the soft areas of the car park near the perimeter wall (Alan, Gary Dave and lain). Little now remains of our ten ton pile of gravel!

  • New curtains - part of set of curtains donated by Ethel Hallam, were hung on the lounge front windows (Lester).

  • Lunch - was provided by lain.

Thanks to everybody who supported the meet for all their hard work.

Iain McCallum

Meet Promo:

Here is a chance to meet the new hut manager and I'm sure all volunteers will be welcome.

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