Sun 11th Nov, 2001

Mountain Biking Meet

Members: Rob Allen, Margaret Baldock, Dave Dillon, Lester Payne, Brian Taylor

Guests: Mark Ashley


The ride began with an upward haul through the plantation west of the reservoir with more time spent off than on the bikes. This applied to bicycle chains as well in some cases. Having reached the top we continued along an undulating track via Rowlee Farm, crossed Snake Pass and the River Ashton where one of several bicycle maintenance workshops was held. Next was a long ascent navigating an endless series of boulders complicated by the need to avoid cyclists hurtling towards us from above. Then followed several mud baths, and a pleasurable descent down in the village of Aston. Dave was getting tired of sitting on a saddle at this point so decided to demonstrate his acrobatic skills, incurring only minor injuries but looking a bit dazed after the second performance. Other highlights of the day included sunbathing outside the Yorkshire Bridge, never having to open any gates because Rob was always there first, sun shining all day whilst Manchester was reportedly under a cloud. We arrived back having clocked up fifteen miles according to Rob's bikometer. Lester, despite having decided modern bikes were no good because they have too many gears, and Mark sped into the sunset for further exercise. The rest of us rolled into the carpark just in time for last orders at the snackbar. Thanks to all for a really good day.

Margaret Baldock

Meet Promo:

Meet in the carpark at Derwent Reservoir Visitors' Centre, Grid Ref approx 171893 Outdoor Leisure Map 1 to set off at 9.30am.

Mountain bikes can be hired from Derwent Reservoir Cycle Hire, at above location, 01433 651261. Opens at 9am. £10 for the day. No need to book in advance.

Details of the route will be available at the pub the Thursday before. A not too difficult, not too easy, not too long, not too short kind of a route with varied scenery and terrain, and enough ups and downs to keep us all awake.

Margaret Baldock

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