Sun 25th Nov, 2001

Winter Warmer Mk II

Kinder Surprise

Runners: Sheena Hendrie, Sabina Cosulich, Brian Street, Chris Williamson, Jim Symon.

Drinkers!! Duncan Lee, Colin Maddison, Robert Clark, Andy Croughton.


The meet got off a cracking start or so I thought, a startling number of people turned up at the car park. I thought we were going to have to start in groups so as not to appear like the Wildebeest migration but alas it was only to be the six stalwarts above, it was 5 more than I expected in the weather. Some people went to surprising lengths to avoid this run, trips to Denver, Dietician conferences (did you really go Kevin?)

Several surprises this year, the run up Williams Clough, the strength of the wind and the colour of Sabinas legs (nice shade of puce). It was a windswept run, up Williams Clough, round to the Down fall, on to Kinder low and a quick charge off Kinder Low End before dashing onto the Sportsman for a refreshing drink.

Thanks to all that came to make it a well attended meet in poor weather and special thanks to the stalwarts who completed the jaunt.

Craig Marsden

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