Sun 27th Apr, 2003

Climbing, President's Hotpot and Slide Contest

Stanage End - Heather Brooke

Members present: Sheena Hendrie, Dave Bone, Duncan Lee, Sabina Cosulich, Fiona Roy, James Richardson, Scott Sadler, Royer Dyke, Alan (Liverpool) Jones, Lester Payne, Martin Heaton, Joe Flynn, Dave Dillon, Mark Ashley, Rick Davies.

Guests: Daniel O'Brien, Mark Binham, Zoe Heaton and Baby Alex, Martin Wilcox, Trish Cranston, Rob Embry, Anna Neubert, Ricks friend


The weather wasn't brilliant and with a gusting wind, only the occasional gap in the drizzle allowed climbing to be done. However, still a large group of KMC members came out to play and climbing was done at both Stanage End and High Neb as the weather improved during the day. The best weather was reserved for the walk back to the cars and the journey over to the Whalley Bridge café and then to the Hotpot.

Heather Driscoll

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Climbing: Stanage, The Northern End - Heather Brooke

The usual pre-hotpot climbing this year is to be held at the northern end of Stanage. The northern end of Stanage is reached from A57 Sheffield-Manchester road with the parking at the side of the road at SK 232879 via an obvious path running south.

The northern limit of Stanage is clearly marked by a large slab, which has the routes the Ariel and Green Streak running up it, This is where I'm planning to be at about 10.30am and then, hopefully, a great day of beautiful weather and lots of climbing will follow completed by the President's Hotpot and slide show.


President's Hotpot, Navigation Inn - Joe Flynn

This year the meal and slideshow will again be held at The Navigation Inn in Buxsworth (near Chinley) priced at £6 per person. The pub is open all day with the meal being served at 7.30pm. As usual there is a vegetarian option available so let me know your preference when you book. Please book early as I need to let the pub know the final numbers a week before hand.

The Slide Competition. As per usual the four categories are:

  1. Mountain action
  2. Mountain landscape
  3. Rock climbing action
  4. Human interest

Please remember that there is a maximum of three slides per person for each category and that it would help our impartial judge (yet to be announced to avoid bribery or blackmail) if you clearly mark each slide with your name and the category that you wish it to be entered into. The slides also have to have been taken during the last twelve months.

Anyone who needs a lift, wants to book a meal or has slides to enter can generally find me at the pub on most Thursday evenings or can contact me at home.

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