Fri 13th Jun - Sun 15th Jun, 2003

Ty - Powder

Present : Al Metelko, Anna Neubert, Dave Wittingham, James Richardson, Lester Payne, Ian McCallum, Keith Williams, Roger Dyke, Carl Dwyer, Jenny Varley, Ian Crook, Mike Reading, Kevin Anderson, Jo Farrington, Tony Major, Dave Bone, Sheena Hendrie, Mark Garrod, Michelle Harvey, Jim & Judith Symon, Sabina Cosulich, Duncan Lee, Rob Allen, Dave Dillon.


Various antics : Al and Anna on Carreg Altrem (friday). Dave Wittering and James on Amphitheatre Butter Arse. Lester was in the turning spot and on the Grokan. Ian Mc and Keith on Cader Idris watching a race. Roger, Jenny, Kevin on the Grokan. Al and Jo on Longlands (Cloggy). Rob and Sheena on Shadow Wall and Lion. Dave D and Carl on Slab Climb (Cloggy). Ian C, Anna & Mike on Curving Crack (Cloggy). Dave Bone and Tony on The Grooves and The Groove (Cyrn Las and Lect Ddu). Mark and Michelle Idwal, Tryfan and Roscolyn with Jim and Judith. Duncan and Sabina on Wen and the Groove (Lect Ddu).

Anna, Ian & Mike Canoeing.

In short: The weather held out for the weekend, Cloggy was dry, so Cloggy dwellers were late back on the Saturday evening. No one thought to call for a helicopter, which was lucky as it was already out there picking up some other dudes. Plenty of action on both days, with some members leaving the hut before 10:00am. Cheers for being there.

Dave Dillon

Meet Promo:

June is going to be so dry that every route near the hut will be climbable. There is an intriguing bus service from Llanberis to Pen y Pass, recently tested out for a sortie on the Glyders side of the pass, traversing back to the hut. The service could be used to check out the Snowdon side. Such as - amble over to Lliwedd, bag a few routes, wander off to du'r Arddu or Ddysgl or Cyrn Las, exercise a little more, meander back to the hut for a cup of tea, watch the sun rise. etc. etc.

The weekend is one for dubiously great plans set in stupendous surroundings accompanied by glorious weather, washed down with some tea and biscuits.

Cheers, Dave.

(P.S. You can sort out all the routes you want to do, in advance, by attending the Curry meet in May)

Dave Dillon

Spot the Crag! (Andrew Croughton)
Kevin's back! (Andrew Croughton)
Anna (Andrew Croughton)
Al climbing (Andrew Croughton)
Al climbing (Jenny Varley)
Al climbing (Jenny Varley)
Has Anna fallen off or just dropped off? (Jenny Varley)
Al again (Jenny Varley)
Kevin takes it carefully... (Jenny Varley)
Jenny abbing down from top of Nea (Roger Dyke)
Kevin on Brant Direct (Roger Dyke)
Kevin on Brant Direct (Roger Dyke)
Kevin on Brant Direct (Roger Dyke)
Jenny on Brant Direct (Roger Dyke)
Lester on Brant Direct (Roger Dyke)

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