Sun 16th May, 2004


Members: Sheena Hendrie, Neville McMillan, John Castick, Virginia Castick, Al Metelko, Kevin Anderson, Craig Marsden, Mark Garrod, Michelle Harvie, Sabina Cosulich, Roger Dyke, Jenny Varley, Robert Clark, Rob Allen, Mark Ashley, Dave Wylie, Ken Beetham, Linda Crossley, Lorna Marsland, Andrew Croughton, Colin Maddison, Julie O'Regan, Jo Farringdon, Dave Garland, Dave Shotton, Lester Payne, Dave Dillon, Dave Moon

Guests: Roisin Maddison, Roger Daley, Emily Hulley, Conrad Bower, Pete, Kate, Al, Kate and A N Other


This was a pretty impressive turnout on what turned out to be a nice warm sunny day. The improving weather was just as well, because the meet leaders initial choice of venue (Marble Wall Area) soon sorted us out. First Sister repulsed at least two not very intrepid leaders before succumbing to Rob Allen, the other Sisters were attacked by massed ranks of KMC, and only Kevin was brave enough to tackle the classic of the crag, Terrazza Crack. Spectators mocked and laughed at leaders' efforts while consuming the strawberries and white wine provided by the deputy meet leader, Sabina, and soaking up the sun.

Running out of options at Marble Wall, various parties drifted rightwards to Crow Chin and Travesties Buttress. Soon KMC ants were swarming all over Crow Chin, with Feathered Friends being a well recommended and amenable VS. The less said about Kelly's Eliminate the better but I'll never live it down!

So a good day was had by all and it was nice to visit a section of Stanage which we don't often go to.

Sheena Hendrie

Meet Promo:

In an unimaginative moment last year, I suggested Stanage for a spring meet. It seemed a safe bet at the time but I must admit to not feeling inspired about Stanage again. So I've tried to find a section of the crag where I don't think we have been for a while - Marble Wall is therefore our start point before working onwards towards the popular end as we run out of routes the meet leader can lead. Entertainment value will be provided by me tackling Terrazza Crack- maybe. There is a reasonable selection of grades, with Crow Chin not too far away.

I expect to get to the car park (The Planation about 10:30). Hope to see you on the day.

Sheena Hendrie

Mark leading (Andrew Croughton)
Colin leading (Andrew Croughton)
Mark leading (Andrew Croughton)
Colin leading (Andrew Croughton)
Robert and Rob (Andrew Croughton)
Julie (Andrew Croughton)
Kevin (Andrew Croughton)
Sheena tries First Sister (Dave Dillon)
Marble Wall Area (Dave Dillon)
Scumbag tries First Sister (Dave Dillon)
Sheena (Dave Dillon)
Rear view (Dave Dillon)
Infested with the KMC (Dave Dillon)
At Crow Chin (Dave Dillon)
Scumbag (Dave Dillon)
The Audience (Dave Dillon)

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