Sun 16th Oct, 2005


After a misty start, we had good weather on a very warm day. Lots of climbing got done - Roger and Andrew started straight away, even before the first brew, and the last to leave were James and David, who climbed until dark. Long Climb saw plenty of traffic - at least Neville, Sheena, Scott, Kate and Ian. The meet leader, fuelled by cake, actually managed to climb Staircase thanks to Roger and Cathy, and so did the Mapleson family. Trish was spotted looking impressive against the blue sky on Little Crowberry. With such an impressive turnout I obviously didn't see most of the climbing! Ian, Phil, Martin and John all stopped by for a cup of tea and a chat. Thanks to everyone for trekking up with extra supplies of milk, water and cake, and making this such a sociable meet. I'm glad to see baking skills are taken so seriously by the KMC.

Cakes baked: Flapjack, Tiffin, Malt Loaf, Parkin.

Other cakes contributed: Genoa, Chocolate, Carrot, Tea Loaf, Caramel Mini Rolls.

Members present: Christine Beeston, Lorna Marsland, Dave Wylie, Kate Sparks, Roger Daley, Sheena Hendrie, Cathy Gordon, Neville McMillan, Roger Dyke, John Cox, Midge Castick, Dave Dillon, Trish Cranston, Al Metelko, Michelle Harvie, Mark Garrod, David Bishop, James Richardson, Ian McCallum, Bridget Mapleson, Roger Mapleson, Phil Ramsbottom, Martin Heaton, Scott Sadler, Ian Heginbotham, Kate O'Regan, Julie O'Regan, Kevin Anderson, Peter Bamber.

Guests: Andrew Grantham, Owen and Carys Mapleson, Louise Logan and Geoff Hibbert, Sarah and Alice.

Christine Beeston

Meet Promo:

Hopefully we'll have some autumn sunshine for this traditional tea, cake and climbing meet. I'll be serving tea and cake from the cave at Laddow from around 10am, rain or shine - please bring some water for the kettle if you come. If you haven't been before, Laddow is at SE057015 on the Dark Peak map. The easiest approach is via the Pennine Way from the car park at Crowden on the A628. If you need/can offer lifts, let me know and I will try to arrange things.

Christine Beeston

Cake Lure Grotto (Dave Dillon)
Cakes Made Me Mad (Dave Dillon)
Disappearing Draws (Dave Dillon)
Grizzly Number (Dave Dillon)
mmm, Cakes (Dave Dillon)
More Tea Stocks (Dave Dillon)
Sheena On The Edge (Dave Dillon)
Shoe ArĂȘte (Dave Dillon)
Top Of Long Climb (Dave Dillon)
Trad Direct (Dave Dillon)
Virginia On The Wall (Dave Dillon)

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