Sat 1st Oct - Sun 2nd Oct, 2005

Working Meet

Septic - October 2005

An extra working meet at the Hut to repair the leaking Septic Tank.

The guys who went down to sort this out deserve medals, but (the KMC being what it is) they won't get any thanks from most of the Club's Members...

Members: John Castick, John Evans, Roger Daley, James Richardson.

Guests: Colin Nickelson


Got plenty done including giving the hut a good clean, re-profiling the speed bumps through the Farm and fixing slates and walls.

Colin used to come out with the hut over 10 years ago, this is his first meet since then. If he makes a point of coming to working meets lets hope he keeps coming down.

On Sunday Roger, John Evans and myself headed to Ogwen to do Ordinary Route and Cneifion Arête in the Drizzle.

On Monday John and I headed to Tremadog.

Thank you to everyone who attended the meet.

James Richardson

Meet Promo:

Come along and help with maintenance and cleaning at the hut. Accommodation free for the weekend and you Sunday off to go climbing/walking.

James Richardson

Excavate (Roger Dyke)
Excavate (Roger Dyke)
Seepage (Roger Dyke)
Bail Out (Roger Dyke)
Annotated Seepage (Roger Dyke)
Repair (Roger Dyke)
Heroes (Roger Dyke)
Clean (Roger Dyke)

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