Sun 13th Nov, 2005

Staffordshire Bouldering

Members present: Dave Dillon, Vicky Alderton, Julie O'Regan, Kev Anderson, Steve Cheslett, Al Metelko, Anna Neubert, Robert Clark & Pete Walker

Guests Present: Al Barnes, Peter Bamber, Lucy Bell, Kirsten?, Kate Cooper, John Doldon, Linda Doldon & Nelson.


To put it simply the weather could not possibly have been better for a day out on the hill, perfect crystal clear skies with the sunshine taking any early chill off the rock to give superb conditions for bouldering. The only draw back was the virtual swamp below Doxey's Pool boulders, but even this failed to dampen the spirits of those present & numerous problems received mass ascents with the exception of the beautifully named 'Soggy bottom crack' that you would have needed a raft to get to.

Suitably warmed up we wandered along the edge to 'The Very Far Boulders' where the fun continued on & off such classics as 'Pixies to Perkies' & the excellent 'Flight Exam', a test that many passed in style.

The prizes for the best falls of the day go to Pete, our solitary walker, who returned from his stroll with a very muddy backside & to Vicky who took two fine plummets onto the mats off 'Two Pocket Slab'. The keenest person there had to be Lucy who drove up from London for the day; a valiant effort.

Finally bad light stopped play so a retreat was made to the Travellers to sample the fantastic 'Hartington IPA' & the 'Farmers Blonde'. It's a beer honest! Cheers to everyone for turning up.

Editors Note: The 2003 version of Microsoft Word highlights the word Bouldering as a spelling error, offering alternatives such as Mouldering or Blundering, I guess it depends on the crag!!!

Duncan Lee

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The plan is a tour of bouldering areas along the Skyline at The Roaches starting at Doxey's Pool around 11am and then moving along the edge to The Very Far Boulders. There are problems of all grades so bring a friend, bring a mat if possible and just remember whatever the weather the Hartington IPA in The Travellers Rest is a must.

Duncan Lee

Alter Ego (Dave Dillon)
Duncan (Peter Walker)
Duncan (Peter Walker)
Boy Blue (Peter Walker)
Lady in Red (Peter Walker)
Lady in Red (Peter Walker)
Lady in Red (Peter Walker)
Scenery (Peter Walker)
Kevin (Peter Walker)
Easy does it (Dave Dillon)
Mantle (Dave Dillon)
Pad, pad, pad (Dave Dillon)
Summit (Dave Dillon)

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