Sat 10th Dec - Sun 11th Dec, 2005

Christmas Bash

Members: John Evans, James Richardson, Duncan, Vicky, Al, Trish, Wavy, Anna, Roger Daly, Big Andy, Julie, Kevin, Christine, Joe Flynn, Scott, Dave Bone, Robert, Bob Haynes, David Bish, Ian Crook, Rocking Chair Dave and Jenny.

Guests: Kirsten, Katie, Steve Bowker, Karen, Pete and Kate


Thank you to everyone who turned up, especially to all of the helpers during the day and the pudding bringers!

Saturday was wet and saw parties heading off to the climbing wall, Gogarth and Tramadog. Not sure what happened to the walking team.

Sunday was much better, clear blue skies in the pass. Teams headed off to Tramadog, Gogarth and the Pass. A team headed off to do a scramble up to Grib Goch from the Pass. Ian, Scott and I headed into the pass after breakfast at Pete's to do Sabre Cut. After Scot screamed about coming off on the top pitch he finally declared that his leg was stuck. He continued climbing after deciding that he didn't want Mountain Rescue to cut his leg off.

James Richardson

Meet Promo:

John and I will be cooking the Christmas dinner this year. Please book in advance so we know how much food to get, the menu as usual will be vegetarian (however if someone provides a meat dish this may cost extra). Prices will be announced once we have got organised.

Come down and eat lots of food and go climbing or walking.

We could do with several volunteers 1) to lead a walk and 2) to organise the quiz and 3) to chop veg.

Please bring lots of booze and some deserts to share.

Again please book at least a week in advance. If you turn up without booking you may find yourself without any food!

James Richardson

Anna framed by Symphony Crack (Roger Daley)
Karen at Gogarth (Roger Daley)
Man of Mystery climbing Symphony Crack (Roger Daley)
Tryfan we salute you (Roger Daley)

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