Sat 9th Sep - Sun 10th Sep, 2006

Gogarth and Birthday

Everyone loves Gogarth. If you don't, then you will after this meet!

As is usual with the first couple of weeks of September, the weather will be perfect. The plan is to get an early start in Wen Zawn and get a couple of classics ticked before heading to the Main cliff for more classics. After a route here, I plan on walking back over to Castell Hellen via the ice cream van.

When we have worn through the skin on our fingers and rubber on our feet we can head back to the hut for a well-earned drink. It will be my Birthday at Midnight so please join me to celebrate the start of the final year in my twenties?.

Depending on what time I drag my Lazy, Hung-over arse out of bed will decide whether I go to Rhoscolyn or Llanberis pass. Either way there's loads of stuff to do.


Scott Sadler

Busy day on Wen Slab (James Richardson)
Busy day on Wen (James Richardson)
Al at start of Dream Backwards (James Richardson)
On belay ledge of Wen Slab (James Richardson)
Lighthouse from Wen (James Richardson)
Scott abseil into Wen (James Richardson)
Sunset from Wen (James Richardson)
Mike on Cemetery Gates (James Richardson)
Mike on Cemetery Gates (James Richardson)
Abseil (Scott Sadler)
Scott (Scott Sadler)
Daytime Climbing (Scott Sadler)
Nighttime Climbing (Scott Sadler)
Wen Slab Panorama (James Richardson)

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