Sat 7th Oct - Sun 8th Oct, 2006

Ty Powdwr Working Party

Members: Dave Wylie, Al Metelko, Roger Daley, John Castick, Wavey, David Whittingham, John Evans, John Dobson, James Richardson. Guests: Annie Pettifer, Megan Anderson, Damien Holmes, Anja Wermeling.

Work done:

  • Pot holes filled in on track.
  • Loose step on the way up to the hut has been fixed + the steps have weeded and holes filled.
  • Two new benches have been created in the hut grounds.
  • The wall on the left hand side while approaching the hut has been finished.
  • The ovens have been cleaned.
  • The mens toilets have been scrubbed again!
  • Grass has been removed from the base of the hut and has been used to start building a ramp into the lower field.
  • Two slates have been replaced.
  • The gas store render has been completed.
  • Rubbish (including crisp packets and beer cans) were removed from the back of the hut.
  • The turning circle has been cleared.
  • The cement mixer has been moved on to a plinth. May it rust in peace after 30 years of loyal service to the KMC.
  • Various bits of grass were strimmed.

A fantastic meet where everyone worked extremely hard. The outside of the hut now looks a lot tidier. The four guests who turned up on this working meet all worked extremely hard to make YOUR hut a nicer place to be.

On Sunday Anja and I went for a wander on Moel Eilio while Al, Wavey and Wylie went to find a VD in the quarries. Everyone else left early.

James Richardson

Meet Promo:

As usual, James is looking for people to put a bit of time into the hut. There is always something to do! Please contact him if you can help.

James Richardson

Cleaning Steps (James Richardson)
Clearing Grass (James Richardson)
Dry Stone Walling (James Richardson)
Final Rusting Place (James Richardson)
It's A Sign (James Richardson)
John Scrubbing (James Richardson)
Managing Trees (James Richardson)
New Benchish (James Richardson)
Oven Cleaning (James Richardson)
Wavy Wavey (James Richardson)
Glyders (James Richardson)
Panarama (James Richardson)
Windy (James Richardson)

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