Sat 19th May - Sun 20th May, 2007

The 3 Peaks Walk Meet

True grit in Limestone Country?

Present Michelle Harvie Mark Garrod, Chris Thickett, Phil Ramsbottom, Kirsten Mundt, Al Metelko. Dave Wylie, Mark Ashley. Guests : James and Kasia Hoyle, Terry O'Donnell.


The weekend started for most of us pitching our tents in the rain, and finding shelter, sustenance and liquid refreshment (though not tap water as this was a £ a glass), and an awful lot of cigarette smoke in the Golden Lion, a fluorescent green pub some 100 metres up the road. A disturbed night's sleep thanks to heavy showers, distressed sheep and our fellow 3 peak walkers arising even as early as 4.30 am to make their scheduled 5.30 am starts.

We had a more leisurely approach, unfortunately Mark Ashley was not feeling well, and so went back to bed (should have got up as normal at 4.00 am perhaps). We set off at 8.15 up a windy and showery Penyghent (694m) which we reached in just over the hour (1.02 minutes), then back down the Pennine way towards Ribblehead, taking Phil and Chris's cunning bog free route. A sunny 11.00am stop at God's bridge where we were joined by a muddy Al, who had been chasing us down through bogs for the last 2 hours. Having arrived after our departure, Al set off from the campsite 45 minutes after we had left.

We passed the busy tea van at Ribblehead where Terry struck off for Ingleborough, deciding to omit Whernside. To the delight of the train spotters amongst us (no names supplied), we walked up the railway line past Dale head station before striking off past a powerful Force Gill to the summit of Whernside. Kirsten was way out ahead using her "mountain gear". We reached the summit of Whernside (736m) just before 2.00 pm and carefully made the slippery steep descent to the welcome refreshment caravan at Ivescar farm, where as well as tea and cake you can buy dry socks! Onwards and upwards to the summit of Ingleborough (723m), still windy but now some blue skies, and many weary 3 peak walkers from other groups and all round panoramas of our recent conquests and the Dales. Back down to Horton in early evening sunshine and a blister free return after 10¼ hours, 24½ miles 1,672 metres of ascent and lots of weather. For information Chris and Phil's previous record is 9½ hours, while the record for the fell race is 2 hours 46 minutes!

We found a convalescing Mark, who had ascended Penyghent, but managed to miss an intrepid Iain McCallum who had climbed Whernside & Ingleborough but overestimated our speed and expected to be overtaken by us, although he was actually 2 hours ahead.

We spent a pleasant evening in the Crown pub in Horton, which seemed to ban some of the characters we had been drinking with the night before. No late night drinking was required, we were all tucked up by 10.30pm after a quick bit of star gazing. Sunday was a much brighter day, the Marks, Dave, Terry & I headed off to the waterfalls walk at Ingleton; a 4½ mile route which shockingly costs £4.00 to enter, nearly £1.00 a mile. Just as well walking was not charged at this rate the day before. It is a beautiful walk with bluebells, woods and waterfalls, which were predictably full. Well done to all for being such great company and for rising to the challenge. And well done to Chris and Phil for completing your **** Three Peaks Walk.

Michelle Harvie

Meet Promo:

Note change from June date!

Make the most of the long spring days and come and take the proper 3 Peaks challenge. The challenge will start early on Saturday ~8.00 am. The next 11 - 12 hours will be spent climbing Penyghent (694m), Whernside (736m) and Ingleborough (723m) ~ 25 miles and 1,672 metres of ascent & descent (the direct route across the moors from Penyghent towards Whernside is a tad soft underfoot. Ed.). In case you are wondering, I am planning to walk the route, though any keen runners would be welcome to race ahead. The early start should mean we get back to Horton in Ribblesdale in time for liquid and other refreshments most likely in the Golden Lion pub. Sunday can be spent recovering, maybe some entertaining climbing on the nearish Rylestone rocks.

We will be camping at Holme Farm campsite in Horton in Ribbledale I have provisionally booked 6 pitches. If you are planning to come along please let me know as the site does get busy at this time of year. The site is in the middle of Horton in Ribblesdale near the post office OS sheet 98 GR 807 726. The site has showers and toilets .Costs are £2.00 per tent + 2.00 per car + £ 2.00 per person per night. Those who have taken the challenge should get a good night's sleep.

Michelle Harvie

Starting up Whernside (Phil Ramsbottom)
Whernside Summit (Phil Ramsbottom)
Snack Bar stop (Phil Ramsbottom)
Towards Ingleborough (Phil Ramsbottom)
Dave on Ingleborough (Phil Ramsbottom)
Chris on Ingleborough (Phil Ramsbottom)
Descent from Ingleborough (Phil Ramsbottom)
Group photo after the walk (Mark Garrod)

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