Sat 2nd Jun - Sun 3rd Jun, 2007

Ty Powdyr Working Party

Members: Dave Bailey, David Bish, Robert Clark, Trish Cranston, Roger Daley, Dave Dillon, Kate Horgan, Iain McCallum, Al. Metelko, James Richardson, Dave Wylie.


Tasks carried out included:

Track Digging out the ditch on the slope leading down to the Padarn Park boundary.
Loft Removing all the timber out of the loft to gain access to the structure in order to check for woodworm. Sorting and storing all the good timber back in the loft. All the poor quality timber was burnt.
Gas store Cleared of rubbish.
Toilet blocks Toilets, urinals and washbasins cleaned.
Hut Safety Fire Safety - signage and certain safety aspects checked.
Legionella shower heads cleaned and water system reviewed.
Casualty Trish visited A & E at Bangor Hospital to have an injury to her eye inspected. Her eye had been grazed very slightly by a rock splinter but fortunately there was no serious damage. Trish was very impressed the treatment she received.

James Richardson

Meet Promo:

We will be cleaning out ditches on this meet and could do with 4+ strapping lads/lasses to pound away at slate.

There will also be other tasks to do for those not so adept with a pick-axe. I could do with a couple more than usual though please.

While on the subject of hut work?


Wavy recently spent an entire gloriously sunny weekend in the loft of the hut painting the wood with wood worm treatment. He seems no more deranged than usual after this experience but I am sure each member of the KMC would still like to buy him a drink next time they see him.

James Richardson

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