Sat 19th Apr - Sun 20th Apr, 2008

Ennerdale Meet

Members: Sandy Gregson. Jim Gregson, Lester Payne, Virginia Castick, Phil Ramsbottom


Plenty of people seemed to think that this meet was 'interesting and different', unfortunately most of them looked at the weather forecast and suddenly discovered 'previous commitments'.

As the meet leader I did not have this option, so I was at the car park at the promised start time, despite looking hopefully around the other cars I couldn't find any other takers so I started on my own. Lester did arrive later, but as I had already set off we were destined to spend the rest of the day a couple of miles apart, eventually we met up 9 hours later at Dubs Hut.

I had arranged to meet up with Jim and Sandy at Beck Head but I was not at all surprised to get a phone call to say that they had decided to miss out Great Gable summit. I, being a fully paid up member of the 'Noble Order of Pig Headed B*****ds, continued on over the top.

As I was crossing Windy Gap on all fours I started to realise how windy it was, looking up I could see four people trying to get down off Green Gable, they were leaning into the wind at about 30 degrees and still struggling to avoid being blown over the edge.

Eventually we all met up at Dubs Hut, Midge had walked up from Honister to say hello and bring up a very welcome pint of fresh milk and a bottle of brandy - a very kind gesture, which was much appreciated. Her comments about 'looking forward to her electric blanket' were not quite so welcome.

After a very hard day on Saturday I was expecting to write off the second part of the walk, however the wind started to abate around 5 on Sunday morning, by the time Lester and I said goodbye to Jim and Sandy it was clear, dry and only slightly windy. Jim and Sandy set off back to their warm FRCC hut in Borrowdale whilst Lester and I continued with the walk over Haystacks, High Crag, High Stile and Red Pike.

Just after leaving Red Pike summit we got away from the wind for the first time all weekend. Within twenty minutes we were sitting in the sunshine enjoying our lunch having shed several layers of clothing. This weather lasted all the way back to the cars.

So you were right - it was interesting, but you will just have to imagine how interesting.

Many thanks to the four people who were prepared to 'give it a try'.

Phil Ramsbottom

Meet Promo:

This is advance notice, (partly because it is raining and I am bored). What I am planning is to walk the best part of the Ennerdale Horseshoe over two days.

I will be leaving the Bowness Knott car park (grid ref NY108154) on the Saturday at about 9.30, heading for Steeple, Scoat Fell, Pillar, Kirk Fell, Great Gable, Green Gable, Brandreth and Grey Knotts spending the Saturday night in a bothy. I am being deliberately obscure about the location as I would prefer to have exclusive access to the bothy, and I don't want this picked up by some search engine.

If you want the exact details drop me an email and I will fill you in about location and facilities (none - apart from walls and a roof). If the idea of the bothy does not suit you there is always a nearby Youth Hostel (for £19 per night) but you will have to sort this out for yourself.

Sunday will involve an early pre breakfast stroll up Fleetwith Pike, then (after numerous brews) Haystacks, High Crag, High Stile and Red Pike before dropping straight down to Gillerthwaite Youth Hostel. The super fit can of course complete the circuit in one day and then spend the Sunday on Pillar Rock, crag rats can just spend two days on Pillar Rock - there are good campsites at Wasdale and Buttermere.

I hope this gives something for everyone - please come along and prove me right.

Phil Ramsbottom

Sandy and Jim in the Bothy (Virginia Castick)
Midge and Joanne in Angle Tarn, Patterdale (Virginia Castick)

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