Sat 19th Jul - Sun 20th Jul, 2008

Family Meet (Ty Powder)

Members: Martin Heaton, Zoe Talks, Sue Marsden, Craig Marsden, Roger Mapleson, Chris Williams, and we think Al Metelko and Sheena Hendrie?, Bridget Mapleson.

Guests: Chris Williams friend, Alex Heaton, Tom and Phoebe Marsden, Carys and Owen Mapleson.


Weather more reminiscent of late autumn than July requiring fleeces and water proofs. Obviously my request booking for lovely warm sun had been filed somewhere in a bin - made the best of it hopefully without putting people off hills.

Saturday: dawned a bit overcast, windy and damp so being flexible individuals we redirected our aim for the day, to avoid discouraging future potential kmc members, from a stroll along the Nantle ridge to a walk up Moel Eilio along the ridge towards Cloggy then a scramble back down to Llanberris. An interesting wander up through Owen's favourite scenery (slate quarries) and out the top in drizzle which soon cleared to bright and breezy. Nantle ridge gloriously appeared out of low cloud with sun/blue sky - super clear views up and down Wales. Walked/rolled/ran/stumbled along ridge. Alex, at 6 years old, must get star of the day award for managing the whole walk (8 miles and about 2500ft of climbing) in excellent humour - definitely mountaineering material in the making. Thanks to Tom for keeping Owen occupied for a significant amount of time. Communal tea very fine although cannot remember menu. Chris and friend went on damp walk around the Carneddau.

Sunday: Sue and Tom returned home to play cricket. Again dull/damp so adapted original plan from the Pass to bolt clipping at Trevor which proved a bit tough for the vertically (and sleep) challenged (and I don't mean me). Picnic with sunny view of Llangollen windy and cool. Rog led 4+ which was seconded to the first bolt by Phoebe, Carys, Owen and Alex and then to the lower off by Craig, Martin and myself. A rope was put up a second 4 by Craig so that Alex, Carys and Owen could have another play on the rock. After a while the drizzle caught us up so in disgust beat a retreat to home.

The Nantle ridge is still there for another day. We think Al and Sheena climbed but as the black spot in last news letter indicated, it were a while ago.

Bridget Mapleson

Meet Promo:

Some may view this as a public service warning but KMC family meet will be as usual at Ty Powder 19th/20th July. On Saturday 19th a possible stroll along the Nantlle ridge such that by the afternoon when the sun is in the shining one can enjoy the pond under Cwm Silyn. Parking of a car or two at each end would allow the walk to be in the area of 6 miles long with a bit of up and down. The beginning of the walk should start from grid reference 566525 where there is lay-by parking on/near the right hand bend as you go from Rhyd Ddu at about 10:30. If the weather is badly off the mark (i.e. likely to cause serious aversion to future hill walking/climbing) maybe a coastal walk will be in order.

If acceptable we could celebrate a successful walk with a communal dinner at the hut. Please let me know if you would like to join in. I will look for some suitable climbing on Sunday along the lines of friendly crag, shortish walk-in, a stream/pond to paddle in, sun etc. All people most welcome, Bridget.

Bridget Mapleson

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