Sat 18th Jul - Sun 19th Jul, 2009

Hut Working Party

Members Present: James Hoyle, Chris Williams, Iain McCallum, Dave Wylie, Kasia Hoyle, Andrew Ketley, Rachel Ketley, Bob Kelly.

Guests: Jo and Mark Furniss.


A good turnout allowed a number of tasks to be achieved. The kitchen was given a total makeover with new lights being fitted and the walls and shelves being repainted. This was a massive effort by the whole team who worked from early in the morning until late in the evening. There were plenty of sore backs and muscles the day after. A special thanks must go to Chris Williams who went out of his way to collect the new light fittings and paid 3 trips to B and Q over the course of the weekend. A big thank you too to Duncan Lee for lending me his dust sheets, brushes and obtaining all the paint for me at knock down prices.

Master craftsman Dave also did a superb job of replacing a missing slate on the side of the hut above the gas store which should help to ensure the upstairs dorms don't get any damper this winter. Mark Furniss filled in further potholes on the track to complete the renovation of this, and Andrew Ketley managed to find time to dig out some of the drainage ditch alongside the track to try and prevent the new gravel being washed away.

Work will continue on this at the next working party meet and it was noted that some of the outdoor woodwork is in need of some care and attention and possible replacement. We didn't have time to do this on this working party meet but it remains a high priority. I have purchased some new sheets for the dorms but have not yet found time to pass them on to the kind individuals who have offered to stitch them for me but it will be done.

Iain McCallum provided a superb lunch once again which was eaten in the lounge surrounded by every artefact from the hut kitchen and a meat feast was on offer in the evening with a great combination of barbecued dishes and much merriment. Apologies to all those whose food in the kitchen burnt while waiting for the barbecues to cook outside!

On the Sunday Chris very kindly went to B & Q to buy a pot of paint to finish painting the cupboards which had annoyingly not been possible the night before. Bob got off to one of his legendary early starts and went for a walk while Mark and Jo went climbing. Kasia and I were feeling a bit sore in body and mind after polishing off some rather strong Belgian beer the previous evening (oh? ok it was mainly me with the sore head) so we went for a bit of lunch at the Caban before setting off home.

Many thanks to all those who came along, you worked amazingly hard and without your efforts it would not be possible to keep the fantastic resource that we have available to us up to scratch. It would be great to see a similar number of people at the next working meet.

Finally a big thank you to John Castick for maintaining the exterior grounds of the property. The grass cutting etc. is a huge undertaking but absolutely essential.

To give a hint of what goes on during a W.P - Pictures of kitchen renovation of the last W.P. by Andrew Ketley.

James Hoyle

Meet Promo:

This is the only working party of the summer so some crucial outdoor work is necessary. The following tasks have been identified by the Hut Management Group.

  1. Painting of the eaves which are beginning to see the paint peel from them and are in need of a recoat.
  2. Painting and repairs to the emergency exit door and the gas store door
  3. New mattress covers to be sewn for 3 of the beds that have become ripped. (They are an odd size, which is why they cannot be bought off the peg.)
  4. Redecoration of the kitchen (exact amount depends on the number of members who attend).

A good turnout would be much appreciated and there is plenty of work that is suitable for anyone no matter how good your DIY skills. In the evening we plan to have a barbecue so don't forget your chicken wings and veggie burgers as well as your paint brushes! Sides e.g. salad will be provided and hopefully all the hard work can be appreciated over a glass or two of your favourite tipple. On Sunday I hope everyone will get out into the hills be it for a climb or a walk.

Thank you to everyone for your support.

James Hoyle

Painting the Kitchen (Andrew Ketley)
Lunch Break (Andrew Ketley)

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