Sun 24th Jan, 2010

Pot Scar Climbing

Members present: Heather Brooke, Colin Maddison and Duncan Lee.

Guest present: James Williams.

Glorious sunshine and dry rock, who could have imagined it could be such a perfect day for climbing? Sadly I could but I was disturbed from my idyllic dream by the plaintive wail of the baby!

In reality four very optimistic souls drove northwards through heavy drizzle that only abated shortly before we arrived in Feizor. Once there I pointed at a cloud and assured people that the crag was up there somewhere. Colin pointed at the café and we all followed, indulging in round one of tea and cakes as the mirk lifted. Thus the crag was visible once we emerged from the café so we wandered up to the scar past the impressive remnants of the previous weeks snow drifts.

Amazingly there were actually patches of dry rock but sadly none of these patches connected to give a dry route so we opted for the two climbs that only looked slightly damp and consoled ourselves with the fact that it was just nice to be outdoors for a change. Colin and Heb made light work of the classic jug fest Equity (S **) whilst James and I had a slightly more testing time on the lively Nirvana (VS 4C *). A tricky but thankfully well protected little number, so well protected in fact that James thoughtfully left a convenient wire in for a grateful Colin and an extremely grateful Heb who was belaying whilst contemplating the weight differential between the two. Shortly afterwards she had "remembered why I don't climb outdoors in January" as she was doubled over at the top of the crag racked with agonising hot aches. A snow covered Ingleborough provided a fitting back drop.

A speedy recovery soon saw her leading Rebate (Vdiff) whilst I led The Stone Soup (E1 5B*). Once everyone had followed that with varying degrees of style and elegance we beat a retreat to the café for round two.

Duncan Lee

Meet Promo:

This lovely little Yorkshire crag faces south west overlooking the hamlet of Feizor (GR SD795678) and receives lots of sun and dries quickly. I won't try to claim that it is sheltered because there were enough of you there last year to pull me up on that fact but everyone who turned up will certainly vouch for the quality and quantity of the home-made cakes provided by the cafe in Feizor. I plan to be at the crag between 10.30 and 11am to allow the morning sun to take the chill off the rock. Routes range from V.Diff to E3 so there is something for almost everyone. The majority of the two and three star routes are in the Severe to E1 range.

In the unlikely event of bad weather, well you have to be optimistic, the day will start and finish in the cafe with a walk around some of the local outcrops in between the tea and cakes.

Please try and car share because the parking in the hamlet is limited.

Duncan Lee

Please note:
Due to Covid restrictions many meets have been cancelled and remaining meets are members only. Please check back after the restrictions are lifted.

Pot Scar (Heather Driscoll)
Pot Scar (Heather Driscoll)
Pot Scar (Heather Driscoll)
Pot Scar (Heather Driscoll)
Pot Scar (Heather Driscoll)

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