Sat 13th Feb - Sun 14th Feb, 2010

Ty Powdwr Working Meet

Members present: James and Kasia Hoyle, Chris Williams, Dave Wylie, Bob Kelly, Jo and Mark Furniss, John Castick, Iain McCallum.

A good turnout of familiar faces got lots done on the Saturday. Ty Derelict had become unsafe so Chris, Dave and John knocked it down carefully, leaving a neat and tidy shell in its place, helping us avoid any liability claims. Meanwhile, Bob and Kasia cleaned and tidied the hut with Bob's military past coming into its own as even the brass got a good polish and came up gleaming. With the harsh winter, attempts were made to maintain the steep section of track which we spent some money on last summer. The ditch was dug out down the side and bumps to prevent the gravel running down it were heightened but don't worry we didn't go too high! A number of other jobs were also completed but we finished at a good time after a good day's work for a few beers and a sit around the fire which Chris had purchased some new coals.

On Sunday many of us climbed Parsley Fern Gully which was in fantastic knick and enjoyed a walk in very wintry weather down to Pen y Pass. Other people did their own thing but I don't think the aches and pains of Saturday had got the better of anyone this time around so everyone enjoyed doing something.

Many thanks to all those who helped out. It is really appreciated and I hope you had a good time too.

James Hoyle

Meet Promo:

As normal a wide range of activities need to be done at the hut including some work on the track and the walls leading to the hut as well as a good clean and wash inside. Other jobs will be decided upon based on the weather that weekend and the numbers who arrive. Lunch will be provided and hopefully it will not be quite as tiring as the last working party, leaving people to have plenty of fun on the Sunday. Hope to see plenty of you there.

James Hoyle

John in the ruin (Chris Williams)
Dave on Ty-Derelict (Chris Williams)
Jo, Mark and James (Chris Williams)
John on the ruin (Chris Williams)
Chris and Dave on Ty-Demolished (Chris Williams)
Parsley Fern Gully (James Hoyle)
James, Dave and Chris (James Hoyle)
Parsley Fern Gully (James Hoyle)
Lunch on the Pyg Track (James Hoyle)

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