Sun 12th Aug, 2012

Colehill Quarry (Wirksworth)

Pictures from an interesting quarry near Wirksworth.

Meet Promo:

Colehill Quarry was, until the new edition of Peak Limestone a hidden gem. So much so that some people are more than a little peeved that it it no longer a little secret...

Evenings and Sundays climbing on compact limestone with more friction than Stoney (not difficult, admittedly) with only the birds and occasional climber for company may never be the same. Reader, will you warm up on the perky delights of Posing Till the End 5+, interesting start? Or will you, more adventurously, try Another Roadside Attraction at 6a on the Hamster Wall (he he), as good as any in Kalymnos for the grade?

As the muscles loosen, try Forbidden Fruit at 6b+ with a devious middle section. For the athletic, Crusin for a Boozin 6b+ is interesting for the vertically challenged, and for big route enthusiasts The Booze Cruise at 6c, is better than it looks but use a 60/70 m rope. For tiggers there are two fingery classics Above 30 at 7b and Just this Side of 30 at 7a. There is even a brilliant trad at E3 5c The Crinoid Cruise.

But a real good test and a bit of a sandbag is Taste of Grit’ at 6b which I am told requires 'slap and go', whatever that is...

So the general advice is don’t come, go to Stanage or Horseshoe instead and if you do come DON'T TELL ANYONE!

Katharine Bagshaw

Dave on It's a Hamster Mr Fawlty (Dave Dillon)
Matt and Philip (Dave Dillon)
Matt on Scarlet Woman (Dave Dillon)
Philip on Alligator Smiles (Emily Pitts)
Philip on Alligator Smiles (Dave Dillon)
Jenny on Scarlet Woman (Dave Dillon)
Emily awaiting flight clearance for Scarlet Woman (Dave Dillon)
Emily on Scarlet Woman (Dave Dillon)
Emily cruzing (Dave Dillon)
Dave on the edge of rain (Emily Pitts)
Bouncers (Dave Dillon)
Andy on Alligator Smiles (Dave Dillon)
A brief deluge (Dave Dillon)
Andy learns self rescue (Dave Dillon)
Snacking/sheltering between routes (Emily Pitts)

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