Sat 6th Oct, 2012

Yorkshire Limestone

Folk present: Vicky Alderton, Dave Wylie, James Williams, Phil Jarvis, Andy Stratford,Peter McNulty, Sue Marsden, Phoebe Marsden and Craig Marsden


The day dawned dry for a change but as per normal this year the crag was wet from an overnight deluge.  Thus as the sensible folk festered in the café in order to give the rock time to dry I dragged Vic straight to the cliff.  Well we did have a baby sitter.  Thus ironically 2 veggies ascended “Omnivore” as the rest of the team assembled at the main crag and enthusiastically set
about ticking off most of the crags classics.

Andy started the day on “Cannabis” before going on to battle his addictions.  “Addiction” repulsed his finest efforts and the 4 maltloaf a day habit is still going strong so a trip to rehab may be required.

Peter and James both led the way to “Nirvana”, whilst Phil made light work of “Sunspot”. Mort Crack, Equity, Mary Jane, The Pusher and Potholer’s Proddle Direct were also climbed by a variety of teams.

Off the rock Sue took Phoebe off to get her lost as part of her GCSE revision!  Either exams have changed a lot since my days at school or someone needs to phone social services.  Craig was pounding around the hills training for the OMM which explains the earth tremors and the distant panting of cakes, cakes.  Mind you he did make last orders at the café, unlike the climbers.


Duncan Lee

Meet Promo:

Note this is a Saturday meet. More late season cragging in Yorkshire. As it rained last time we’ll try Pot Scar again.

The crag is south facing, quick drying, sheltered and should catch any sun that’s going. There are about fifty routes from Diff to E3, with plenty good ones to go at in the VS to E1 range. It’s trad climbing, so you’ll need your rack.

Pot Scar is situated above Feizor village where a major added attraction is one of the best cafes in the Dales. It’s an ideal starting point for climbers or walkers, who could visit the crag on their travels.

Follow the A65 past Settle towards Clapham. About three quarters of a mile beyond a junction with the B6480 and just beyond the Falconry Centre, take a sharp right turn to Feizor village. Park in the village then follow the Stainforth footpath eastward through a farmstead, along a wall and over a stile. Continue along the wall until access is possible left up the hillside without crossing further walls. [Do not head directly for the crag. Ed] Grid Reference: SD 795678.

You can check the crag out at UKC.

Guidebook: Yorkshire Limestone (2005).

I’ll be at the crag by 11.00am at the latest, so see you there if not in the cafe earlier.

Colin Maddison

Peter McNulty experiences Nirvana (Andy Stratford)
I'll just take look at it (Andy Stratford)
Nearly there (Andy Stratford)
Dunc....what do you reckon i can get in here then? (Andy Stratford)
One of those'll do (Andy Stratford)
yep, looks good (Andy Stratford)
Ok, just swing round then.... (Andy Stratford)
Up and up. Good stuff. (Andy Stratford)

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