Fri 2nd Nov - Sun 4th Nov, 2012

Bonfire Night @ Ty Powdwr

Members: Mark Ashley, Michelle Harvie, Mark Garrod, Dave Wylie, Al Metelko, Bob Kelly, Dave Dillon, Jim Symon, Kevin Anderson, Alice Larkin, Gareth Williams, Lucie Crouch, James Williams, Christine Beeston, Steve Graham, Philip Jarvis, Graham Haslehurst, Roger Dyke, Pete Hughes, Sue Brooke, Dave Shotton, Andy Stratford (22).

Guests: Jo Stratford, Philippa Maye, Stuart Lloyd, Phil Walsh, Matt Evans-Smith, Nicole Hammond, James Morrison, Andy Kirkstone, Jenny Sim, Andy Basford, Clare Parkinson, Owen Jones, Clare Hodgson, Mark Pilling (14).


Once again the weather was kind, as although it did rain a bit, the days were dry for the training sessions, and Saturday evening from 8pm onwards was dry to allow a fine crowd to enjoy the bonfire and some tremendous fireworks. Thanks for Mark for playing the junior understudy pyrotechnician, but the biggest applause and thanks went to Andy, supported by Jo, who put on a truly memorable firework display. Rumour has it Michelle Karabiner Mountaineering Club - Newsletter January 2013 Page 14 of 24 could almost have fitted into the largest firework – not that it would have been a very good idea. Our firework displays may never be the same again.

The trainees all had an enjoyable and worthwhile time, giving very positive feedback on our instructor Louise Tully, who did an excellent job leading Saturday’s rope-skills and climbing, and Sunday’s navigation, courses.

Saturday saw Jim and Andy yomp over Elidir Fawr, Y Garn and back to the hut, closely followed by Michelle and Mark, who carried on over Glyder Fawr to Pen-Y-Pass and caught the bus back. Bob, Christine, Dave W and Steve caught the bus up the pass, and then headed over Llywedd, Snowdon, and back to the hut. Matt, Nicole, James *2, (new) Andy and Philip had fun in the quarries, including enduring a brief snow storm on one route. Sue, Pete and Dave D apparently investigated the bomb store near Llanberis. A number of us even had time to build a bonfire before the drizzle took hold at dusk – thanks Roger for the chainsaw.

Sunday also saw lots done, with Christine, Roger and Dave conquering Mynydd Mawr, Philip and Steve in the quarries, and Michelle, Mark, Nicole, Andy (new), Clare * 2 and James heading up Snowdon from the hut via the Rhyd Ddu bridleway, and back down the main track. The top 20m was too risky without crampons due to the wind, shotblasting hail, and ice – winter is here!

It was again great to see so many prospective members, and also the hut virtually full. Thanks to everyone who came for making it a successful weekend.

Mark Garrod

Meet Promo:

Traditional Bonfire Night Shenanagins - bring fireworks, firewood, and a sense of adventure.

Newcomers especially welcome on this weekend - it's a great introduction to our wonderful hut.



For the third year, running, we have once again been awarded a grant by the BMC for training, to mainly be aimed at novices, newcomers and our newer or less experienced members. The committee are keen to encourage new and prospective members into the club through the offer of this training, but places are also available for existing members who want to take advantage of this heavily-subsidised opportunity.

The training day has been fixed for Saturday 3rd November, on the bonfire meet, and hence it is being based at Ty Powdwr once again.

The training can be dependent on what those interested want and need. Our fully-qualified instructor is Louise Tully, who ran two very successful days for us last year. The two basic options on offer are:



I intend to firm up on the course that gets the first 3 attendees signed up and paid, so if you have an interest in either of the above, get in touch with me as soon as you can. If we get enough interest, there is always the option of arranging a second course the next day, or even the same day with another instructor.

The deal is only £25 for one day of training and two night’s accommodation, which is a real bargain. Maximum numbers for each course depend on the scope, but in any event is unlikely to be more than 6, so it is best to book early if you at interested. We will then need payment to secure your place, once we have fixed training scope and dates.

In the first instance please express an interest (no commitment), along with your preferred training topic(s), to me at: (also 0161-654-7705).

Andy Stratford

Are these 'bomber' placements (Lucie Crouch)
Gear placement attendees (Lucie Crouch)
Lou explaining gear placement to Owen (Lucie Crouch)
Placing gear is hard work (Lucie Crouch)
Steve and James - slate (Lucie Crouch)
Sunday Slate (Lucie Crouch)
I'm not standing on that - even to get my picture on the website! (Roger Dyke)
Slate head 1 (Dave Dillon)
Slate head 2 (Dave Dillon)
Slate head 3 (Dave Dillon)
Cliptastic (Dave Dillon)
Snow dusting on tops (Dave Dillon)

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