Sun 26th Mar, 2000

President's HotPot

Duncan Lee

Derek Seddon

Pre Hot Pot Walk - Grindleford to Stanage - Derek Seddon

Members Present: Ken Beetham, Iain McCallum, Alan Peck, Shelagh Manning, Jim Taylor, Roger Dyke, Derek Seddon.

Guest: Ray Booty.


Having been named and shamed, my report has been excavated from the closet. As expected, the majority of the massive turnout on this crisp spring day was supporting the President at Stanage. We helped to swell his numbers when we dropped in for lunch there after plodding past ancient Padley Hall, through the woods and round by Burbage etc, as laid out in the Feb Newsletter. All kept together in a convivial group and nobody got lost, not even the leader, so I suppose you could call it a non-story if you're looking for excitement, but thanks, team, I enjoyed your company.

Derek Seddon

Members present: Mark Wiltshire, Lester Payne, Midge and Joanne Castick, Dave Bone, Tony Major, Phil Ramsbottom, Bob Anderson, Sabina Cosulich, Colin Maddison, Paul Evans, Bob Mort, Mark Gleadall, Cathy Gordon, Dave Wylie, Jeremy Engineer, Andy Croughton, Dave Dillon, Rob Allen, Chris Williamson, Neil Perry, Jim and Judith Symons, Sue Marsden, Roger and Bridgit Mapleson, Joe Flynn, Neville McMillan, Sheena Hendrie, Ken Beetham and Duncan Lee.

Guests present: Lisa, Pat Peters, Roisin Maddison, James Nixon, Ben Warham, Katherine Firth, Thomas and Phoebe Marsden, Carys Mapleson and Emma.


As promised the sun burst through the clouds and treated the KMC to a fine day at a wonderful crag. The vast majority of the above mentioned touched rock at various stages of the day but the day also had a very pleasant relaxed sociable side to it. The crèche was in full swing as per usual and lunch with the walking party, kindly led by Derek, was a most jovial affair. Sadly they continued their walk and we had no more excuses not to climb.

The highlights of the days climbing entertainment were mainly provided by Fern Crack (VS- very savage), Goliath's Groove (HVS- horrendous vertical slit) and Neil. The results analysis of the clubs battle with Fern Crack is as follows; KMC 1 FC 0 -Paul and Bob make a celebrity guest appearance to tame the awesome fissure. KMC 1 FC 1 - "No way is tha *****ng VS". The chasm retaliates by disposing of Sheena. KMC 2 FC 1 - a quick stylish ascent by messers Bone and Major. KMC 2 FC 2 - the scores were levelled as Neil was beaten into submission despite a dogged assault.

Goliath's Groove saw many ascents (some even stylish) but Sabina was the undoubted winner of the award for the most blooded ankles as she thugged and kicked her way upwards. A video nasty of this event is available courtesy of Neil who quickly stopped grinning as he was forced to second the ascent. He obviously enjoyed the initial offwidth section so much that he could not stop throwing himself off the crag in order to repeat the experience.

Colin whilst on crèche duty, provided a fine demonstration in the art of finger jamming to young Thomas Marsden who was less than impressed by the nifty footwork; his fingers were under the size 11 foot in question. Other routes climbed by various people included Wall End Slab (VS 5a), Outlook Slab (VS 4c), Wall End Crack (S 4b), Death and night and blood (E1 5b), Helfenstein's struggle (D), The Archangel (E3 5b) and Fairy Steps (VS 4a).

In the evening 54 people sat down for the hotpot at The Royal Hotel and to heckle the slide competition judge who is now in hiding from Mary "I'll kill you if you show that slide " Stuart. A pleasing increase in the number of slides entered and their quality made judging them a difficult task this year.

Thanks to everyone who turned up to climb, walk, eat and view the slides. Also thanks to everyone who entered slides for the competition. Keep those cameras clicking to make next years competition as enjoyable and to make life as hard for next years judge as it was for me.

Duncan Lee

Meet Promo:

The hotpot and slide competition is to be held at The Royal Hotel, Market Street, Hayfield. The bar is open all day with the meal being served at 7.30 pm. The cost for hotpot and apple pie is £7.50p per head. I need to know numbers at least a week beforehand, so book now to avoid the rush. Please let me know if you want the vegetarian option.

The annual slide competition will follow the meal so take advantage of the long winters nights to review your last 12 months of photographic endeavours. The categories are:

  • Mountain Landscape,
  • Rock Climbing Action,
  • Human Interest and
  • Mountain Action.

The slides should have been taken in the last 12 months with a maximum of three slides per person in each category. Please mark all your slides (name and category) to make it easier for the judge and to guarantee ease of return. Please submit slides to me as early as possible. The absolute latest is Thursday March 23rd at the Joe Simpson lecture. Anyone who wishes to show any other slides should bring them along on the night for a viewing after the competition.

Bookings for the hotpot to me either at the pub, on a meet, or by phone.

Duncan Lee

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