Sun 20th Aug, 2000

Froggatt Heather

Heather Brooke

Members present: Sue Brooke, John Dobson, Lester Payne, Sheena Hendrie, Neville McMillan, Alan (Liverpool) Jones, John Evans, Duncan Lee, Dave Dillon, Michelle Harvie, Mark Garrod, Colin Maddison, Christine Beeston, Mark Gledhill, Cathy Gordon, Roger Mapleson, Roger Dyke, Pete Walker, Chris Williamson, Rob Alan, Craig Marsden, Sue Marsden, Gary Thornhill, Andrew Croughton, Lance Davies, Marion Madden, Roy Lee, Joe Flynn, Jesper, Iain McCallum, Pam McCallum.

Guests present: Rosien Maddison, Emma Gordon, Carys Mapleson, Ivy Lee, Andrew Balmer, Thomas Marsden, Phoebe Marsden, Helen Swygart, Steve Swygart, Daniel Swygart, Lowrie Swygart, Alexander.


A wonderful, dry and not so common autumn day, with the sun warming this beautiful gritstone edge. The combination of good weather and a local crag tempted out a lot of members, families and friends, with the creche once again in full swing.

Like all meets there was a lot of climbing done with the usual mass ascents of all the old classics including Heather Wall, Sunset Slab, Trapeze etc and the usual entertainment provided by the intrepid or foolish attempting Tody's Wall. Mention has to be made of a particular brave leading attempt by Sheena, who was so close to taming the beast and just seemed to lack confidence at the crucial moment. However with the mass audience gathered above and below, offering advice or alternatively moving in for close up, white-knuckle photographs, who could blame her for feeling phased.

The now traditional Lee family three-generation climb of Sunset Crack again took place and hopefully will be repeated next year.

Thanks to everybody for a thoroughly enjoyable day, with great weather and amazing company. I hope to see as many people at Froggatt Edge on my meet this autumn and hope that the weather will be as good.

Heather Brooke

Meet Promo:

Meet at 10:00am, Sunday, under Valkarieee.

Heather Brooke

Sheena on Tody's Wall (Dave Dillon)
The KMC Nursery (Roger Dyke)
The KMC Creche (Roger Dyke)
Some walkers as well (Roger Dyke)
We'll climb later (Roger Dyke)
Lunchbreak (Roger Dyke)

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