Sat 30th Sep - Sun 1st Oct, 2000

Working Party Meet

Dave Wylie


Present: Dave Wylie, Alan Wylie, Steve Taylor, William Taylor, Emma Richards, Katie Winstanley, Iain McCallum, Lester Payne, Bob Anderson, Frank Williams, Margaret Williams, Derek Seddon, Jim Taylor.


The above "Baker's Dozen" of volunteers, with ages ranging from 2 to over 70, set to work at Ty Powdwr on the last weekend of September.

The focus of attention was the Lower Right dormitory, "Elidir Fawr". Insulation and wooden panelling were fitted round the bunks and along the end wall by Steve, Alan and Dave. Bob and Frank completed the required pre-work for this, installing the remaining battens on the end wall. The rest of the ceiling was plasterboarded by Jim and Lester, with miscellaneous assistance from the others. Dave also fitted new lights to replace the old fluorescent tubes. There's still some finishing off left to do, but already the room looks much more inviting.

In the Lower Left dormitory, "Glydwr Fawr", Derek constructed the new trapdoor for access into the under-floor void, complete with cork tiles to match the rest of the floor. The task of giving the kitchen a good clean was taken on by Margaret, while Emma and Katie cleaned and tidied the lounge. The two girls also pulled out a fair quantity of ragwort (nasty stuff) from round the outside of the Hut. Iain did the catering for lunch, as well as tending the trees in the plantations.

Many thanks to everybody who came along - it was an excellent weekend's work. Particular thanks to Steve who procured and transported all the materials, as well as providing the power tools (including a pneumatic nail gun) that improved the efficiency of fitting the panelling by about 1000%. I'll also take this opportunity to thank all the others who have supported working meets during my stint as Hut Manager. We've got a lot done in the last few years and we're nearly finished!

Dave Wylie

Meet Promo:

We're down to one major ongoing project now - the refurbishment of the lower RHS dormitory, plus improving ventilation in the rest. We plan to finish installing the insulation round the walls, with wood panelling over the top.

Undoubtedly, various other jobs will come to light - so extra helpers will be needed in addition to the usual crew. Please contact me nearer the time if you are thinking of coming along.

Dave Wylie

Hut WP - panelling (Unknown)
Hut WP - ceiling (Unknown)
Hut WP - result (Unknown)

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