Sat 24th Feb - Sun 25th Feb, 2001

Dry Rock Weekend!

Al Metelko

Present: Dave Dillon, John Evans, Dave Garland, Kevin Anderson, Sabina Cusilich, Duncan Lee, Mark Wiltshire, Paul Chapman, Christine Beeston, Kate Sparks Steve Bowker, Paul Chapman, Jon Handcock.


Saturday - Stony Middleton

Only three of us (Duncan, Steve and myself) took advantage of the excellent weather it was cold but we where out of the wind and the sun was strong enough to make some of the rock almost warm. Foot and Mouth restrictions came in this weekend even so this roadside crag was virtually deserted. We each led two quality routes ranging from HVS to E2, which made it a very good afternoons climbing.


Sunday - Lawrencefield

A lot more people turned out on another sunny day and the crag was quite crowded. Lots of routes where done. Only Kate didn't climb but she did go for a walk with Christine after Christine had led Tron???? with ~y Dave. Sabina (I don't lead in winter) led Gingerbread. John and Dave did Snail Crack and Three Trees Climb. Mark brought beginner Paul along, they also climbed Three Trees Climb but Paul struggled on Great Harry. Kevin was spotted climbing on real rock with Jon. The most popular route was Great Peter and Steve led Suspense probably the meets hardest route of the weekend but he was up there for quite some time and I got cold belaying him and had to put my downy on.

It was a good start to the summer climbing season only there isn't any!

Al Metelko

Meet Promo:

Dry rock venues are Beeston Tor on Saturday and Lawrencefield on Sunday, the meet leader should be there 11 o'clock onwards.

Yes! It's a climbing weekend in the middle of winter. On the Thursday before the meet, I worked out that the above crags should be in the driest part of the country. It's not too far to travel after all if you want a tick, so come along and get some early season cragging.

Al Metelko

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