Sat 11th Aug - Sun 12th Aug, 2001

Ty Powdyr Family Meet

Members: K Anderson, S Hendrie, N McMillan, A Metelko

Guests: None


The Family Meet consisted of Al and his son Kevin, and Neville with his daughter Sheena.

The usual KMC Kindergarten did not turn up, so a repeat of the KMC Roll-a-Baby competition could not take place. Similarly, the choice of climbing routes was restricted; off-width cracks were out due to the lack of babies to jam in the cracks as chockstones. (Readers who do not follow these depraved ramblings should consult a parent of the KMC Kindergarten for an explanation - Ed.) The fact that this was a more mature family group meant that we were not disturbed by screaming babies or infants with penetrating voices. The question of which childs voice could be heard above all the others was easily answered since Kevin never stopped talking, not even apparently to draw breath. But time was put to good use debating the key environmental issues of the day, or how to ensure survival of planet Earth, or at least Ty Powdwr.

Both family outfits had the good sense and foresight to go climbing on Friday in warm sunshine. Kevin led Dad up three E2s on Gogarth, to show him how it's done, whilst Sheena demonstrated some nifty footwork on slabs in the Moelwyns to her Old Man. The day ended with sunbathing on warm slate slabs outside Ty Powdwr, in weather conditions showing great promise for the following day. Needless to say, the promise was not kept; Saturday providing more typical Snowdonia weather - low cloud, lashing rain and a howling gale. This provided an excuse for the older children to play games in the hut. Kevin kept us all entertained for hours whilst he hung from a beam, demonstrating crevasse self-rescue using a Tibloc. Meanwhile the rest of us debated whether his partner would have died of frostbite before Kevin emerged.

By early afternoon the weather had demonstrated greater powers of endurance than we had, so we packed up and went home.

Sunday - forget it, we weren't there.

Neville McMillan

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A chance to bring the little ones.

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