Sun 29th Sep, 2002

Laddow, Traditional Meet

Andrew Croughton

Members:- Dave Dillon, Al Metelko, Alan Peck, Heather Brooke, Sue Brooke, John Dobson, Duncan Lee, Sabina Cosulich, Michelle Harvie (Birthday girl), Mark Garrod, Christine Beeston, Rob Allen, Iain McCallum, Jim Taylor, Dave Garland, Dave Shotton, Dave Wylie, Joanne Castick, Virginia Castick, John Castick, Lester Payne, Colin Maddison, John Evans, Fiona Roy, Craig Marsden, Rick Davies, Jim Symon, Judith Symon, Peter Walker, Tony Major, Joe Flynn, Neville McMillan.

Guests:- John Cox, Pete Banister, Theresa, Lynne, Anna, Rosian, Alex, Martin, Christine, Ian, Scott, Dan, Elli, John, Ian, Mick, and one or two more who I did not get names for from the university group.


Yet another exceptionally well attended meet with fifty plus people at the crag throughout the day. I am not sure if this was due to the good weather forecast or the free tea and cakes from the cave café. (Enjoyed by all except the club president who missed out on his cup of tea to do another climb) The usual classic climbs, long climb etc, all had traffic jams bellow them as well as some of the more dramatic routes such as cave crack which are normally only climbed in better weather conditions had several ascents made. Thanks to everybody for attending and hopefully next year will see a repeat of the good weather and good attendance for this most traditional of KMC meets. Andrew Croughton meet leader and reluctant tea maker.

Andrew Croughton

Meet Promo:

Yet again we will be meeting in the cave at Laddow for cake and drinks before the usual mad rush to climb all the classic routes of this meet in the sunshine before the weather changes. But wait this year we are a week earlier and in a totally different month so could have even better weather than the normal October sunshine. Meet at the crag from 10am or 9.30am in the car park to help carry water and stoves to the crag. See you there and bring your sun cream Andrew.

Andrew Croughton

Michelle The Birthday Girl (Dave Dillon)
The Reluctant Model (Dave Dillon)
Jim looking gnarly (Dave Dillon)
Dave B. looking keen (Dave Dillon)
Heather going swimming? (Dave Dillon)
Cool Shades! (Dave Dillon)
Duncan the Supermodel (Dave Dillon)
Climbing out of the Tea Shop (Dave Dillon)
Al with Ropes for a change! (Dave Dillon)

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